1 Samuel 17:40

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  40 H3947 ויקח And he took H4731 מקלו his staff H3027 בידו in his hand, H977 ויבחר and chose H2568 לו חמשׁה him five H2512 חלקי smooth H68 אבנים stones H4480 מן out of H5158 הנחל the brook, H7760 וישׂם and put H853 אתם   H3627 בכלי bag H7462 הרעים them in a shepherd's H834 אשׁר which H3219 לו ובילקוט he had, even in a scrip; H7050 וקלעו and his sling H3027 בידו in his hand: H5066 ויגשׁ and he drew near H413 אל to H6430 הפלשׁתי׃ the Philistine.