1 Kings 21:10-13

IHOT(i) (In English order)
  10 H3427 והושׁיבו And set H8147 שׁנים two H582 אנשׁים   H1121 בני sons H1100 בליעל of Belial, H5048 נגדו before H5749 ויעדהו him, to bear witness against H559 לאמר him, saying, H1288 ברכת Thou didst blaspheme H430 אלהים God H4428 ומלך and the king. H3318 והוציאהו And carry him out, H5619 וסקלהו and stone H4191 וימת׃ him, that he may die.
  11 H6213 ויעשׂו did H376 אנשׁי And the men H5892 עירו of his city, H2205 הזקנים the elders H2715 והחרים and the nobles H834 אשׁר who H3427 הישׁבים were the inhabitants H5892 בעירו in his city, H834 כאשׁר as H7971 שׁלחה had sent H413 אליהם unto H348 איזבל Jezebel H834 כאשׁר them, as H3789 כתוב it written H5612 בספרים in the letters H834 אשׁר which H7971 שׁלחה she had sent H413 אליהם׃ unto
  12 H7121 קראו They proclaimed H6685 צום a fast, H3427 והשׁיבו and set H853 את   H5022 נבות Naboth H7218 בראשׁ on high H5971 העם׃ among the people.
  13 H935 ויבאו And there came in H8147 שׁני two H376 האנשׁים men, H1121 בני children H1100 בליעל of Belial, H3427 וישׁבו and sat H5048 נגדו before H5749 ויעדהו witnessed against H376 אנשׁי him: and the men H1100 הבליעל of Belial H853 את   H5022 נבות him, against Naboth, H5048 נגד in the presence H5971 העם of the people, H559 לאמר saying, H1288 ברך did blaspheme H5022 נבות Naboth H430 אלהים God H4428 ומלך and the king. H3318 ויצאהו Then they carried him forth H2351 מחוץ out of H5892 לעיר the city, H5619 ויסקלהו and stoned H68 באבנים him with stones, H4191 וימת׃ that he died.