Mark 5:35

  35 G2089 ετι   G846 αυτου "WHILE" YET G2980 (G5723) λαλουντος HE IS SPEAKING, G2064 (G5736) ερχονται THEY COME G575 απο FROM G3588 του THE G752 αρχισυναγωγου RULER OF THE SYNAGOGUE'S "HOUSE", G3004 (G5723) λεγοντες   G3754 οτι   G3588 η SAYING, G2364 θυγατηρ   G4675 σου THY DAUGHTER G599 (G5627) απεθανεν IS DEAD; G5101 τι WHY G2089 ετι STILL G4660 (G5719) σκυλλεις TROUBLEST THOU G3588 τον THE G1320 διδασκαλον TEACHER?