Proverbs 9

Great(i) 1 Wysdome hath buylded her selfe an house, & hewen out seuen pyllers: 2 she hath kylled her vitayles, powred out her wyne, & prepared her table. 3 She hath sent forth her maydens to crye vpon the hyest place of the cytie: 4 Who so is ignoraunt, let hym come hyther. And to the vnwyse she sayde: 5 O come on your waye, eate my bread, and drincke my wyne, which I haue poured out for you. 6 Forsake ignoraunce, and ye shall lyue: and se that ye go in the waye of vnderstandynge. 7 Who so reproueth a scornefull personne, getteth him selfe dishonoure: and he that rebuketh the vngodly, stayneth him selfe. 8 Reproue not a scorner lest he owe the euell wyll: but rebuke a wyse man, and he wyll loue the. 9 Geue a discrete man but an occasyon, and he wylbe the wyser: teache a ryghteous man, and he wyll increase in knowledge. 10 The feare of the Lorde is the beginnynge of wysdome, & the knowledge of holy thynges is vnderstandynge. 11 For thorowe me thy dayes shalbe prolonged, and the yeares of thy lyfe shalbe many. 12 If thou be wyse, thy wisdome shall do thy selfe good but yf thou thynkest scorne therof, it shalbe thyne awne harme. 13 A folyshe restlesse woman, full of wordes, and soch a one as hath no knowledge, 14 sytteth at the dore of her house, and in the hye places of the cyte, 15 to call soch as go by, and that walke streyght in theyr wayes. 16 Who so is ignoraunt (sayth she) let hym come hyther, and to the vnwyse she sayeth: 17 stollen waters are swete, and the bread that is preuely eaten, hath a good taste. 18 And he doth not consydre, that they are but deed which be there, and that her gestes are in the depe of hell.