Proverbs 9

Bishops(i) 1 Wysdome hath buylded her house, and hewen out seuen pillers 2 She hath kylled her victuals, powred out her wine, and prepared her table 3 She hath sent foorth her maydens to crye vpon the highest place of the citie 4 Who so is without knowledge, let him come hither: And to the vnwise she said 5 O come on your way, eate my bread, and drinke my wine [whiche] I haue powred out for you 6 Forsake foolishnes, and ye shall lyue: and see that ye go in the way of vnderstandyng 7 Whoso reproueth a scornefull person, getteth him selfe dishonour: and he that rebuketh the vngodly, stayneth hym selfe 8 Reproue not a scorner, lest he owe thee euyll will: but rebuke a wyse man, and he wyll loue thee 9 Geue a discrete man but an occasion, and he wyll be the wyser: teache a righteous man, and he wyll encrease in knowledge 10 The feare of the Lorde is the beginning of wisdome: and the knowledge of holy thinges, is vnderstanding 11 For thorowe me thy dayes shalbe prolonged, and the yeres of thy life shall be many 12 If thou be wise, thy wysdome shal do thy selfe good: but if thou thinkest scorne therof, it shalbe thine owne harme 13 A foolishe retchlesse woman full of wordes, and suche a one as hath no knowledge 14 Sitteth at the doore of her house, and in the hye places of the citie 15 To call such as go by, and that walke straight in their wayes 16 Who so is ignoraunt [sayeth she] let hym come hyther: and to the vnwyse she saith 17 Stolen waters are sweete, & the bread that is priuily eaten, hath a good taste 18 And he doth not consider that they are but dead whiche be there, and that her ghestes are in the deepe of hell