Nehemiah 8

Great(i) 1 And all the people geathered them selues together as one man in the strete that was before the watergate, and they sayde vnto Esdras the scrybe, that he shulde fetch the boke of the lawe of Moses, whych the Lorde commaunded to Israel. 2 And Esdras the preast brought the lawe before the congregacion both of men and wemen, and all that coulde vnderstande dyd herken vnto it, vpon the fyrst daye of the seuenth moneth, 3 and he red therin in the strete that was before the watergate (from the mornynge vntyll the noone daye) before men and wemen that dyd herken to it: and the eares of all the people were inclyned vnto the booke of the lawe. 4 And Esdras the scrybe stode vpon an hye pulpit of wood, whych they had made for the preachinge, & besyde hym stode Mathathia, Sema, Anania, Uriah, Helkia, and Maaseia, on hys ryghte hande: and on hys lefte hande stode Pedaia, Misael, Malchia, Hasum, Hasebadana, Zachary, and Mesulam. 5 And Esdras opened the boke before all the people, for he stode aboue all the people. And when he opened it, all the people stode vp. 6 And Esdras praysed the Lorde the greate God. And all the people answered Amen, Amen, with their handes vp, & bowed them selues, and worshypped the Lorde, fallynge downe vpon their faces to the grounde. 7 And Iesua, Baam, Serabiah, Iamin, Acub, Sebathai, Hadaia, Maasia, Celita, Azaria, Iozabad, Hanan, Pelaia: and the Leuites caused the people to geue hede vnto the lawe, & the people stode in their place. 8 And they red in the boke of the lawe of God distinctly & playnly, so that men vnderstode the thinge that was red. 9 And Nehemiah (which is Hathirsatha) & Esdras the preast & scrybe, and the Leuites that caused the people to take hede, sayd vnto all the people: thys daye is holy vnto the Lorde youre God: be not ye sory, and wepe not. For all the people wepte, when they herde the wordes of the lawe. 10 And he sayd vnto them: go youre waye, and eate the fat, & drincke the swete, & sende parte vnto them also that haue not prepared them selues: for thys daye is holy vnto oure Lorde, be not ye sory therfore: for the ioye of the Lorde is youre strength. 11 And the Leuites stylled all the people, and sayd: holde youre peace, for the daye is holy, vexe not ye youre selues. 12 And all the people wente theyr waye to eate and drincke, and to sende parte vnto other, and to make greate myrth, because they had vnderstand the wordes that were declared vnto them. 13 And on the nexte daye were geathered together the chefe fathers amonge all the people and the preastes and Leuites, vnto Esdras the scrybe, that they myght vnderstand the wordes of the lawe. 14 And they founde wrytten in the lawe (which the Lorde had commaunded by Moses) that the children of Israel shulde dwell in bothes in the feast of the seuenth moneth: 15 & that they shulde cause it to be declared and proclamed in all theyr cyties, & thorow out Ierusalem, sayenge: go forth vnto the mount, and fetch Olyue braunches, Pyne braunches, Myrbraunches, Palmebraunches, and braunches of thicke trees, to make bothes, as it is wrytten. 16 And so the people went forth, and sett them, and made them bothes, euery one vpon the rofe of his house, & in theyr courtes, & in the courtes of the house of God, and in the strete by the watergate, and in the strete by porte Ephraim. 17 And all the congregacion of them that were come agayne out of the captiuite, made bothes, & sat vnder the bothes: for sence the tyme of Iosua the sonne of Nun vnto this daye, had not the chyldren of Israel done so, and ther was very greate gladnesse. 18 And euery daye from the fyrst daye vnto the last, red Esdras in the boke of the lawe of God. And seuen dayes helde they the feast, and on the eyght daye, they geathered together, accordinge vnto the maner.