Nehemiah 4

Great(i) 1 But when Sanabalat heard that we buylded the wall, he was wroth in hym selfe, and toke greate indignacion, & mocked the Iewes, 2 and sayde before his brethren & the souldyers of Samaria: what do these impotent Iewes? wyll the hethen suffre them? shall they offre? shall they perfourme it in one daye? shal they make the stones whole agayne that are brought to dust, and brent? 3 And Tobiah the Ammonite was besyde him, and sayde: Though they buylde, yet yf a foxe go vp, he shall breake downe theyr stonye wall. 4 Heare (O thou oure God) for we are despised, turne their shame vpon their awne heade, & geue them ouer into despisynge in the lande of their captiuite. 5 Couer not their wickednesse, & let not their synne be put out in thy presence: for they haue prouoked the buylders. 6 And so buylded we the wall, & it was ioyned whole together, vnto the half heygth therof. And the people were mynded to laboure. 7 And it fortuned, that when Sanabalat, and Tobiah, & the Arabians, Ammonites, & Asoodites heard, that the walles of Ierusalem were mad vp, and that the gappes beganne to be stopped, they were very wroth, 8 & conspired all together to come, & fyght against Ierusalem, and to make the people an hynderaunce therin. 9 Neuertheles, we made our prayer vnto our God, & set watchmen by them, which buylded daye & nyght ouer agaynst them. 10 And Iuda sayd: the strength of the bearers is to feble, & there is yet moch more morter, & we are not able to buyld on the wall. 11 And our aduersaries sayd: they shall not knowe nether se, tyll we come in the middes amonge them, and slaye them, and hinder the worcke. 12 But it fortuned that when the Iewes (which dwelt besyde them) came, they tolde vs as good as ten tymes, that in all places where ye go vnto, they are appointed to fal vpon vs. 13 Therfore set I the people after their kinredes wt their swerdes, speares & bowes beneth in the lowe places behynd the wal, 14 & I loked, & gat me vp, & sayd vnto the chefe men, to the rulers, & to the other people, be not ye afrayed of them, but thincke rather vpon the greate Lord, whych ought to be feared, & fight for your brethren, your sonnes, yor daughters, your wiues, & your houses. 15 Neuertheles, it chaunced that when our enemies hearde, that we had gotten worde of it. God brought their councel to naught, & we turned all againe to the wal, euery one vnto his labor. 16 And from that time forth it came to passe that the half parte of the yong men did the laboure, & the other half parte of them helde the speares, shyldes, bowes, and brestplates: & the rulers stode behynde all the house of Iuda, 17 which buylded on the wall, and bare burthens from those that laded them. With one hande dyd euery one worcke, & wt the other helde he hys weapen. 18 And euery one that buylded, had his swerd, gyrde by hys thygh, and so buylded they. And the trompet blewe besyde me. 19 And I sayd vnto the principal men, to the rulers, and to the other people: the worke is great and large, & we are separated vpon the wall one farre from another. 20 Loke in what place therfore ye heare the noyse of the trompet, resorte ye thyther vnto vs, & our God shal fight for vs, 21 & we will be labouryng in the worcke. And the halfe part of them helde the speares from the mornyng spryng, tyll the starres came forth. 22 And at the same tyme said I vnto the people: euery one abyde with hys seruaunt at Ierusalem, that in the night season we maye watch, and labour on the daye tyme. 23 As for me and my brethren, my seruauntes, and the men of the watch (which were behynde me) we put neuer of oure clothes, nomore then the other dyd theyr harnesse, saue onely because of the water.
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