Colossians 2

Great(i) 1 For I wolde that ye knewe howe greate care that I haue for you and for them that are at Laodicia, and for as many as haue not sene my parson in the flessh, 2 that theyr hertes myght be comforted whan they are knet together in loue, and in all ryches of full vnderstandynge, for to knowe the mistery of God the father, and of Chryst, 3 in whom are hyd all the treasures of wysdome and knowledge. 4 Thys I saye, lest eny man shulde begyle you wt entysynge wordes. 5 For though I be absent in the flesshe, yet am I with you in the sprete, ioyinge and beholdynge youre order, and youre sted fast fayth in Chryst 6 As ye haue therfore receaued Christ Iesu the Lorde euen so walke ye in hym, 7 so that ye be rotyd and buylte in hym, and stablysshed thorow fayth, as ye haue learned: and therin be plenteous with geuynge thankes. 8 Beware, lest eny man spoyle you thorowe philosophy and disceatfull vanitie, after the tradicyon of men, and after the ordinaunces of the worlde, & not after Christ. 9 For in hym dwelleth all the fulnes of the God heed bodely, 10 and ye are complete in him: which is the heed of all rule and power, 11 by whom also ye are circumcised with circumcisyon which is done with out handes, for asmoche as ye haue put of the synfull body of the flesshe thorowe the circumcisyon that is in Christ, 12 in that ye are buried with hym thorowe bapti me, in whom ye are also rysen agayne thorowe fayth, that is wrought by the operacyon of God which raysed him from deeth. 13 And ye whan ye weare deed thorowe synne and thorowe the vncircumcisyon of youre flesshe, hath he quyckned with him, and hath forgeuen vs all oure trespaces 14 and hath put out the hande wrytynge that was agaynst vs, contayned in the lawe written: and that hath he taken out of the waye, and hath fastened it to hys crosse, 15 and hath spoyled rule and power, and hath made a shewe of them openly, and hath triumphed ouer them in his awne person. 16 Let no man therfore trouble youre consience aboute meate and dryncke or for a pece of an holy daye, or of the newe mone, or of the Sabboth dayes, 17 which are shaddowes of thinges to come: but the body is in Chryst. 18 Let no man make you shote at a wronge marke, by the humblenes and holynes of angels, in the thynges which he neuer sawe, beynge causelesse puft vp with his flesshly mynde, 19 & holdeth not the heed, wherof all the body by ioyntes and couples receaueth norisshment & is knet together, and encreaseth with the increasynge that commeth of God. 20 Wherfore, yf ye be deed with Chryst from the ordinaunces of the worlde, why as though ye yet lyued in the worlde, are ye led with tradicions? 21 Touch not, tast not, handell not: 22 which all perisshe thorowe the very abuse: after the commaundmentes and doctrynes of men: 23 which thynges out wardly haue the similitude of wysdome by supersticion and humblenes of mynde, and by hurtynge of the body, and in that they do the flesshe no worshyppe vnto the nede therof.