Amos 7

Great(i) 1 The Lorde God shewed me soch a vysyon: beholde, there stode one that made greshoppers, euen when the corne was shotynge forth, after the king had clypt his shepe. 2 Now when they vndertoke to eate vp all the grene thinges in the lande, I sayde: O Lord God, be mercyfull, I beseche the: who shulde els helpe vp Iacob that is brought so lowe? 3 So the Lorde was gracious therin, and the Lord sayde: well, it shall not be. 4 Agayne, the Lord shewed me thys visyon: beholde, the Lorde God called the fyre to punysh wythall, and it deuoured the great depe: yee, it consumed a parte all redy. 5 Then sayde I: O Lorde God, holde thyne hande: for who shulde els helpe vp Iacob that is brought so lowe? 6 So the Lord was mercyfull therin, and the Lorde God sayd: wel, it shall not be. 7 Moreouer, he shewed me thys vysyon: beholde, the Lord stode vpon a plastered wall and a masons trowel in his hande. 8 And the Lord sayd vnto me: Amos, what seest thou I answered: a masons trowell. Then sayde the Lorde: beholde, I wyll laye the trowell amonge my people of Israel, & wyll nomore ouer se them, 9 but the hye hylchapels of Isaac must be layed waste, and the churches of Israell made desolate, and as for the house of Ieroboam, I wyll stande vp agaynst it with the swerde. 10 Upon thys sent Amasyah the prest to Bethel vnto Ieroboam the kynge of Israel, sayenge. Amos maketh the house of Israel to rebel agaynst the, the lande can not awaye wyth hys wordes. 11 For Amos sayeth, Ieroboam shall dye wyth the swerde, and Israell shall be led awaye captiue out of theyr awne lande. 12 And Amasiah sayde vnto Amos, Gett the hence (thou that canst se so well) and fle into the lande of Iuda: get the there thy lyuinge, and prophecy there: 13 and prophecy nomore at Bethell, for it is the kynges chapell, and the kynges courte. 14 Amos answered, and sayde to Amasiah: As for me I am nether prophet, ner prophetes sonne: but a keper of catell. Now as I was breakynge downe molberies, & going after the catell, 15 the Lorde toke me, and sayd vnto me: Go thy waye, and prophecy vnto my people of Israel. 16 And therfore, heare thou nowe the worde of the Lorde: Thou sayest: prophecy not agaynst Israel, and speake nothynge agaynst the house of Isaac. 17 wherfore, thus sayeth the Lord: Thy wyfe shalbe defyled in the cytie, thy sonnes and daughters shall be slayne with the swearde, & thy lande shalbe measured out wyth the line. Thou thy selfe shalt dye in an vnclene lande, & Israel shalbe dryuen out of his awne contre.