2 Chronicles 35

Great(i) 1 And Iosia helde the feast of passeouer vnto the Lord in Ierusalem, & they slue passeouer in the fourtene daye of the first moneth. 2 And he set the preastes in theyr offyces, and ayded them in the seruice of the house of the Lorde. 3 And he sayde vnto the Leuytes (that taught all Israel, and were sanctifyed vnto the Lord) put the holy arcke in the house whych Salomon the sonne of Dauid kyng of Israel, dyd buyld, there shall no other burthen be layd vpon youre shoulders: But now serue the Lorde youre God and hys people Israel. 4 And prepare yourselues by youre auncient housholdes and companies, accordynge to the wrytynge of Dauid kyng of Israel, and the wrytyng of Salomon his sonne. 5 And stande in the holy place accordynge to the deuisyon of the auncient housholdes of youre brethren the chyldren of the people, & after the deuisyon of the auncient housholdes of the Leuites, 6 kyll passeouer, & sanctifye and prepare youre brethren, that they may do accordyng to the word of the Lorde by the hande of Moses. 7 And Iosia gaue to the people flockes of shepe and kyddes, all for passeouer and for all that were present, thyrtie thousand by tale, and thre thousande oxen, and these were euen of the kynges substaunce. 8 And hys Lordes gaue willynglye both vnto the people & to the preastes, & vnto the Leuytes. Helkia also, Zacharia and Iehiel, rulers of the house of God, gaue vnto the preastes for passeouer offerynges two thousand and syxe hundred shepe, and thre hundred oxen. 9 Conama & Semeiahu and Nethanel his brethren, and Hasabiahu and Iaiel and Iosabad, rulers of the Leuites, gaue vnto the Leuites Passeouer offerynges, euen fyue thousand shepe, & fyue hundred oxen. 10 And so the seruice was prepared, and the preastes stode in theyr places, and the Leuites in theyr distincte companies at the kynges commaundment. 11 And they slue Passeouer, and the preastes sprinckled the bloude with theyr hande, & the Leuites pulled of the skynnes of the beastes. 12 And they fett awaye the burntofferinges, to geue them vnto the people that were deuyded by auncient houses, & that they shulde offer vnto the Lorde, lyke as it is wrytten in the boke of Moses. And so dyd they wyth the oxen also. 13 And they dressed the Passeouer wyth fyre as the maner was. And the other dedycat beastes: sodde they in pottes, caulderns & pannes, and deuyded them among all the people. 14 And afterwarde, they made readye for them selues & for the preastes: for the chyldren of Aaron were busyed in offeryng of burntofferynges and the fatt vntyll nyght: therfore the Leuites prepared for them selues and for the preastes the sonnes of Aaron. 15 And the syngers, the chyldren of Asaph stode in theyr standynge accordyng to the commaundement of Dauid and Asaph, Heman Ieduthum the kynges sear: and the porters wayted at euery gate, and myght not departe from theyr seruice: for theyr brethren the Leuites prepared for them. 16 And so all the seruice of the Lorde was prepared the same daye, to offer Passeouer, and to offer burntoffrynges vpon the aulter of the Lord accordynge to the commaundement of kyng Iosia. 17 And so the chyldren of Israel that were present, offered Passeouer the same tyme, and kepte the feast of swete breade seuen dayes. 18 And ther was no Passeouer lyke to that kepte in Israel from the dayes of Samuel the prophete: nether dyd all the kynges of Israel hold soch a Passeouer feast as dyd Iosia and the preastes and Leuites and all Iuda, and Israel that were present, and the enhabiters of Ierusalem. 19 This Passeouer was holden in the eyghtene yere of the raygne of Iosia. 20 After all thys, when Iosia had prepared the temple, Necho kyng of Egypt came vp to fyght agaynst Carcamis besyde Euphrates, and Iosia went out agaynst hym: 21 whych sent messengers to hym, & sayd: what haue I to do wyth the thou kynge of Iuda? Be not thou agaynst thy self this daye: For my warre is agaynst another house, & God bade me make hast. Leaue of therfore & medle not with God whych is wyth me, least he destroye the. 22 Neuerthelesse, Iosia wolde not turne hys face from hym, but rather toke aduyse to fyght with him, and herkened not vnto the wordes of Necho out of the mouth of God, and came to fyght in the valeye of Magedo, 23 & the shoters shott dartes at kyng Iosia. And the kyng sayd to his seruauntes: carye me awaye, for I am sore wounded. 24 His seruauntes therfore had him out of that charet, and put him in another charet that they had. And whan they had brought him to Ierusalem, he dyed, and was buryed in the sepulchre of his fathers. And all Iuda and Ierusalem mourned for Iosia. 25 And Ieremia lamented Iosia, and all syngynge men and synginge wemen mourned for Iosia in their lamentacions, to thys daye, and made the same lamentacions an ordinaunce in Israel, & behold, they be wryten in the lamentacions. 26 The rest of the actes of Iosia & hys goodnes which he dyd in folowynge the wryting in the lawe, 27 and his sayenges, first and last: behold, they are wryten in the boke of the kynges of Israel and Iuda.