Psalms 78

ECB(i) 1 A Discerning by Asaph. Hearken, O my people, to my torah; spread your ears to the sayings of my mouth. 2 I open my mouth in a proverb; I gush riddles of antiquity 3 which we hear and know; which our fathers scribed unto us; 4 we conceal them not from their sons - scribing to the generation after the halals of Yah Veh: and his strength and his marvels he worked. 5 And he raises a witness in Yaaqov and sets a torah in Yisra El - which he misvahed our fathers to make known to their sons; 6 that the generation after - that the sons yet to be birthed know them; - who then rise and scribe to their sons 7 to set their hope in Elohim and not forget the works of El - but guard his misvoth: 8 and not be as their fathers - a revolting and rebellious generation - a generation that prepared not their heart - whose spirit was not trustworthy with El. 9 The sons of Ephrayim, armed, hurling bows, turn back in the day of battle; 10 they guard not the covenant of Elohim and refuse to walk in his torah; 11 they forget his exploits and his marvels he shows them; 12 - marvels he worked in front of their fathers, in the land of Misrayim, in the field of Soan. 13 He splits the sea and passes them through; he stations the waters as a heap: 14 in the day he leads them with a cloud and all the night with a light of fire: 15 he splits the rocks in the wilderness and gives them drink from great abysses: 16 he brings flows from the rock so the waters descend as rivers: 17 and they add to sin against him by rebelling against Elyon in the parch. 18 They test El in their heart by asking food for their soul; 19 yes, they word against Elohim; they say, El - arranges he a table in the wilderness? 20 Behold, he smites the rock, and waters flow; yes, wadies overflow. Gives he bread? Prepares he flesh for his people? 21 Yah Veh hears this and wroths; and he kindles a fire against Yaaqov and ascends wrath against Yisra El: 22 because they neither trusted in Elohim nor confided in his salvation. 23 He misvahs the vapours from above and opens the doors of the heavens; 24 - he rains manna on them to eat and gives them the crop of the heavens: 25 man eats the bread of the mighty he sends them hunt to satiate. 26 He plucks an easterly in the heavens and by his strength he drives the southerly; 27 he rains flesh on them as dust and winged flyers as the sand of the sea; 28 he fells them midst their camp all around their tabernacles: 29 and they eat and satiate mightily; for he gives them their own desire; 30 they are not estranged from their desire. and their food still being in their mouths, 31 the wrath of Elohim ascends on them and slaughters their fattest and has the youths of Yisra El to kneel. 32 For all this they still sin and trust not his marvels: 33 and he finishes off their days in vanity and their years in terror. 34 When he slaughters them, then they seek him - return and seek early after El; 35 and they remember Elohim is their rock and El Elyon their redeemer. 36 And they dupe him with their mouth and lie to him with their tongue: 37 for neither is their heart established with him, nor are they trustworthy in his covenant. 38 And he, the merciful, kapars/atones their perversity and ruins them not; he abounds to turn his wrath and wakens not his fury: 39 and he remembers they are flesh - a passing wind that never returns. 40 How often they rebelled against him in the wilderness and contorted him in the desolation! 41 Yes, they turned back and tested El and branded the Holy One of Yisra El: 42 they remembered neither his hand, nor the day he redeemed them from the tribulator 43 - how he set his signs in Misrayim and his omens in the field of Soan; 44 and turned their rivers to blood and they drank not their flows: 45 he sent swarms among them to devour them; and frogs to ruin them: 46 he gave their produce to the caterpiller and their labor to the locust: 47 he slaughtered their vines with hail and their sycomore trees with aphis: 48 he shut their beasts to the hail and their chattel to burning flashes: 49 he sent on them his fuming wrath - fury and rage and tribulation by sending evil angels. 50 He weighed a path to his wrath; he spared not their soul from death: yes, shut their life to the pestilence; 51 and smote all the firstbirthed in Misrayim - the firstfruits of their strength in the tents of Ham: 52 and has his own pull stakes as a flock and drove them as a drove in the wilderness: 53 and he led them on confidently; they dreaded not; and the sea covered their enemies: 54 he brought them to the border of his holies - this mountain which his right chattelized: 55 he exiled the goyim from their face and felled them an inheritance by line: and had the scions of Yisra El tabernacle in their tents. 56 Yet they tested and rebelled against Elohim Elyon and guarded not his witnesses; 57 and apostatized and dealt covertly as their fathers - turned aside as a deceitful bow: 58 and they vex him with their bamahs and move him to jealousy with their sculptiles. 59 Elohim heard; he was wroth; and spurned Yisra El mightily; 60 so that he forsook the tabernacle of Shiloh - the tent he tabernacled among humanity; 61 and gave his strength to captivity and his beauty into the hand of the tribulator; 62 he shut up his people to the sword and passed over his inheritance. 63 Fire consumed their youths and their virgins were not halaled; 64 their priests fell by the sword and their widows wept not. 65 And Adonay wakened as from sleep as the mighty shouting from wine: 66 and he smote his tribulators behind; he gave on them an eternal reproach: 67 he spurned the tent of Yoseph and chose not the scion of Ephrayim; 68 but chose the scion of Yah Hudah - the mount Siyon he loved: 69 and he built his hallowed refuge lofty - eternal as the earth he founded. 70 He chose David his servant and took him from the flock folds; 71 after the sucklings, great with young, he brought him to tend Yaaqov his people and Yisra El his inheritance; 72 thus he tended them according to the integrity of his heart; and led them by the discernment of his palms.