Proverbs 27

ECB(i) 1 Halal not yourself in the day of tomorrow; for you know not what a day births. 2 Have another halal you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips. 3 A stone is heavy and the sand weighty; and the vexation of a fool is heavier than both. 4 Fury is cruel and wrath overflows; and who is able to stand at the face of envy? 5 Exposed reproof is better than hidden love. 6 Trustworthy are the wounds of a lover; and the kisses of haters abound. 7 The satiated soul tramples a honeycomb; and to the famished soul all bitter is sweet. 8 As a bird wandering from her nest, thus a man wandering from his place. 9 Oil and incense cheer the heart; thus the sweetness of the friend of a man by counsel of the soul. 10 Neither forsake your own friend or the friend of your father; nor go to the house of your brother in the day of your calamity. Better, a fellow tabernacler nearby than a brother afar. 11 My son, enwisen and cheer my heart, and I return word to him who reproaches me. 12 The subtle see the evil and hide; and the gullible pass on and are penalized. 13 Take his clothes, who pledges for a stranger, and pledge it for a stranger. 14 He who blesses his friend with a great voice, rising early in the morning, is fabricated as an abasement to him. 15 A continual dripping in a torrential day and a contentious woman are alike. 16 Whoever treasures her, treasures the wind; and the ointment at his right calls out. 17 Iron sharpens iron; thus a man sharpens the face of his friend. 18 Whoever guards the fig tree, eats the fruit; thus he who guards his adoni, is honored. 19 As the water, face to face, thus the heart, humanity to humanity. 20 As sheol and abaddon are never satisfied; thus the eyes of humanity are never satisfied. 21 As the crucible for silver and the furnace for gold; thus a man by the halal of his mouth. 22 Though you pestle a fool in a pestle among grits with a pestle, yet his folly turns not aside from him. 23 In knowing, know the face of your flocks; set your heart to your droves. 24 For neither is wealth eternal; nor the separatism generation to generation. 25 The grass exposes and the sprout is seen; and herbs of the mountains are gathered. 26 The lambs are for your robe and the he goats are the price of the field. 27 And you have milk enough of the doe goats for your bread - for the bread of your household, and for the life of your lasses.