Proverbs 28

ECB(i) 1 The wicked flee when no one pursues; and the just are confident as a whelp. 2 For the rebellion of a land many are the governors; and by a human who discerns and knows, such is prolonged. 3 An impoverished mighty who oppress the poor is a sweeping rain which leaves no bread. 4 They who forsake the torah, halal the wicked; such as guard the torah, throttle them. 5 Evil men discern not judgment; but they who seek Yah Veh discern all. 6 Better the impoverished, who walk in integrity, than he who perverts his ways, though he be rich. 7 Whoever guards the torah is a discerning son; and he who befriends gluttons shames his father. 8 He who by interest and bounty abounds his wealth, gathers for him who grants charism to the poor. 9 He who turns his ear from hearing the torah, even his prayer is an abhorrence. 10 Whoever causes the straight to err inadvertently in an evil way, falls into his own pit; and the integrious inherit the good. 11 The rich man is wise in his own eyes; and the poor who discern, search him out. 12 When the just jump for joy, there is great beauty; and when the wicked rise, humanity is searched. 13 He who covers his rebellions prospers not; and whoever spreads hands and forsakes is mercied. 14 Blithe - the human who continually dreads; and he who hardens his heart, falls into evil. 15 As a growling lion and a ranging bear; thus a wicked sovereign over the poor people. 16 The eminent who lacks discernment, is also a great oppressor; and he who hates greed, prolongs his days. 17 A human who violates the blood of a soul flees to the well; no man upholds him. 18 Whoever walks integriously is saved; and he who perverts his ways, falls at once. 19 He who serves his soil, satiates with bread; and he who pursues vanity, satiates with poverty. 20 A trustworthy man abounds with blessings; and he who hastens to enrich, is not exonerated. 21 To respect faces is not good; for, for a morsel of bread, the mighty rebel. 22 The man who hastens to have wealth has an evil eye and perceives not that lack comes on him. 23 He who reproves humanity afterwards finds more favour than he who smoothes it over with the tongue. 24 Whoever strips his father or his mother and says, It is no rebellion! - is the companion of a man ruiner. 25 He of an enlarged heart, throttles strife; and he who confides in Yah Veh, fattens. 26 Whoever confides in his own heart is a fool; and whoever walks in wisdom, escapes. 27 Whoever gives to the impoverished, lacks not; and he who conceals his eye has many a curse. 28 When the wicked rise, humans hide; and when they destruct, the just abound.