Numbers 19:11-16

ECB(i) 11 He who touches the human soul who died becomes foul seven days: 12 he purifies for his sin with it on the third day, and on the seventh day, he purifies: but if he purifies not for his sin the third day, then the seventh day he purifies not. 13 Whoever touches the human soul who died - who is dead and purifies not for his sin, fouls the tabernacle of Yah Veh; and that soul becomes cut off from Yisra El: the water of exclusion not being sprinkled on him he becomes foul; his foulness is still on him. 14 This is the torah, when a human dies in a tent: all who come into the tent and all inside the tent, becomes foul seven days: 15 and every open instrument, with no clasp braided thereon, becomes foul: 16 and whoever touches someone pierced with a sword in the face of the fields, or that died, or a bone of a human, or a tomb, becomes foul seven days.