Nehemiah 7

ECB(i) 1
And so be it, the wall is built; and I stand the doors; and muster the porters and the singers and the Leviym; 2 and I misvah my brother Hanani and Hanan Yah the governor of the palace concerning Yeru Shalem: for he is a man of truth and awes Elohim above many. 3 And I say to them, Open not the portals of Yeru Shalem until the heat of the sun. And they stand by, and shut the doors and hold them; and stand guards of the settlers of Yeru Shalem, - each man in his underguard - each man over against his house. 4 and the city is broad in space and great: and the people midst are few and the houses are not built. 5
And my Elohim gives my heart to gather the nobles and the prefects and the people to genealogize them; and I find a scroll of their genealogy which ascends to the first; and find inscribed therein: 6 These are the sons of the jurisdiction who ascend from the captivity of the exiles; whom Nebukadnets Tsar the sovereign of Babel exiled and returned to Yeru Shalem and to Yah Hudah - each man to his city; 7 who came with Zerub Babel, Yah Shua, Nechem Yah, Azar Yah, Raam Yah, Nachamani, Mordechay, Bilshan, Mispereth, Bigvay, Nechum, Baanah. The number of the men of the people of Yisra El: 8 the sons of Parosh: two thousand a hundred seventy-two; 9 the sons of Shaphat Yah: three hundred seventy-two; 10 the sons of Arach: six hundred fifty-two; 11 the sons of Pachath Moab of the sons of Yah Shua and Yah Ab: two thousand and eight hundred and eighteen; 12 the sons of Elam: a thousand two hundred fifty-four; 13 the sons of Zattu: eight hundred forty-five; 14 the sons of Zakkay: seven hundred and sixty; 15 the sons of Binnuy: six hundred forty-eight; 16 the sons of Bebay: six hundred twenty-eight; 17 the sons of Azgad: two thousand three hundred twenty-two; 18 the sons of Adoni Qam: six hundred sixty-seven; 19 the sons of Bigvay: two thousand sixty-seven; 20 the sons of Adin: six hundred fifty-five; 21 the sons of Ater of Yechizqi Yah: ninety-eight; 22 the sons of Hashum: three hundred twenty-eight; 23 the sons of Besay: three hundred twenty-four; 24 the sons of Hariph: a hundred and twelve; 25 the sons of Gibon: ninety-five; 26 the men of Beth Lechem and Netophah: a hundred eighty-eight; 27 the men of Anathoth: a hundred twenty-eight; 28 the men of Beth Azmaveth: forty-two; 29 the men of Qiryath Arim Kephirah and Beeroth: seven hundred forty-three; 30 the men of Ramah and Geba: six hundred twenty-one; 31 the men of Michmas: a hundred and twenty-two; 32 the men of Beth El and Ay: a hundred twenty-three; 33 the men of the other Nebo: fifty-two; 34 the sons of the other Elam: a thousand two hundred fifty-four; 35 the sons of Harim: three hundred and twenty; 36 the sons of Yericho: three hundred forty-five; 37 the sons of Lod, Hadid and Ono: seven hundred twenty-one; 38 the sons of Senaah: three thousand nine hundred and thirty. 39 The priests: the sons of Yeda Yah of Beth Yah Shua: nine hundred seventy-three; 40 the sons of Immer: a thousand fifty-two; 41 the sons of Pashchur: a thousand two hundred forty-seven; 42 the sons of Harim: a thousand and seventeen. 43 The Leviym: the sons of Yah Shua of Qadmi El of the sons of Hode Yah: seventy-four; 44 The singers: the sons of Asaph: a hundred forty-eight; 45 The porters: the sons of Shallum, the sons of Ater, the sons of Talmon, the sons of Aqqub, the sons of Hatita, the sons of Shobay: a hundred thirty-eight. 46 The Dedicates: the sons of Sicha, the sons of Hashupha, the sons of Tabbaoth, 47 the sons of Qeros, the sons of Sia, the sons of Padon, 48 the sons of Lebana, the sons of Hagabah, the sons of Salmay, 49 the sons of Hanan, the sons of Giddel, the sons of Gachar, 50 the sons of Rea Yah, the sons of Resin, the sons of Nekoda, 51 the sons of Gazzam, the sons of Uzza, the sons of Paseach, 52 the sons of Besay, the sons of Maoniym, the sons of Nephisim, 53 the sons of Baqbuq, the sons of Haqupha, the sons of Harchur, 54 the sons of Baslith, the sons of Mechida, the sons of Harsha, 55 the sons of Barqos, the sons of Sisera, the sons of Temach, 56 the sons of Nesiach, the sons of Hatipha. 57 The sons of the servants of Shelomoh: the sons of Sotay, the sons of Sophereth, the sons of Perida, 58 the sons of Yaalah, the sons of Darqon, the sons of Giddel, 59 the sons of Shaphat Yah, the sons of Hattil, the sons of Pochereth of Sebayim, the sons of Amon. 60 All the Dedicates and the sons of servants of Shelomoh - three hundred ninety-two. 61 And these are they who ascend from Tel Melach, Tel Harsha, Cherub, Addon and Immer: and they are not able to tell the house of their father or their seed whether they are of Yisra El - 62 the sons of Dela Yah, the sons of Tobi Yah, the sons of Nekoda - six hundred forty-two; 63 And of the priests: the sons of Haba Yah, the sons of Qos, the sons of Barzillay, who take of the daughters of Barzillay the Giladiy to woman - and are called after their name; 64 these sought their inscribings among the genealogized but found them not: and they are profaned from the priesthood. 65 And the governor says to them, to not eat of the Holy of Holies, until a priest stands with Urim and Thummim. 66 The whole congregation as one is four myriads and two thousand three hundred and sixty: 67 beside their servants and their maids of whom there are seven thousand three hundred thirty-seven: and they have two hundred forty-five songsters and songstresses: 68 their horses, seven hundred thirty-six: their mules, two hundred forty-five: 69 their camels, four hundred thirty-five: six thousand seven hundred and twenty he burros. 70 And a part of the heads of the fathers give to the work: the governor gives the treasure a thousand drachmim of gold, fifty sprinklers, five hundred and thirty coats for the priests; 71 and of the heads of the fathers give to the treasure of the work: two myriads drachmim of gold and two thousand and two hundred maneh of silver; 72 and the survivors of the people give two myriads drachmim of gold and two thousand maneh of silver and sixty-seven coats for the priests. 73 And the priests and the Leviym and the porters and the singers and of the people and the Dedicates and all Yisra El, settle in their cities; and the seventh month touches, and the sons of Yisra El are in their cities.