Judges 8

ECB(i) 1
And the men of Ephrayim say to him, In working, why work you this word, to not call us, when you go to fight with the Midyaniy? - and they strongly contend with him. 2 And he says to them, What work I now compared to you? Is not the gleaning of Ephrayim better than the crop of Abi Ezer? 3 Elohim gave into your hands the governors of Midyaniy, Oreb and Zeeb: and what can I work compared to you? - and he words that word, and they slacken their spirit toward him. 4 And Gidon comes to Yarden - he and the three hundred men with him and pass over, languid, yet pursuing them: 5 and he says to the men of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors, Give, I beseech you, rounds of bread to the people at my feet for they are languid; and I pursue after Zebach and Sal Munna sovereigns of Midyaniy. 6 And the governors of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors say, Are the palms of Zebach and Sal Munna now in your hand - that we give bread to your host? 7 And Gidon says, So, Yah Veh gives Zebach and Sal Munna into my hand, and I thresh your flesh with the thorns of the wilderness and with flints. 8 And he ascends to Penu El and words to them thus: and the men of Penu El answer him as the men of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors answered. 9 And he says also to the men of Penu El, saying, When I return in shalom, I pull down this tower. 10 And Zebach and Sal Munna are in Qarqor and their camps with them, about fifteen thousand - all who remain of all the camps of the sons of the east: for there fell a hundred and twenty thousand men drawing sword. 11 And Gidon ascends by the way of them who tabernacle in tents on the east of Nobach and Yogbehah; and smites the camp; for the camp is secure: 12 and Zebach and Sal Munna flee and he pursues them and captures the two sovereigns of Midyaniy - Zebach and Sal Munna and all the camp trembles. 13 And Gidon the son of Yah Ash returns from war in front of the ascent of the sun, 14 and captures a lad of the men of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors; and asks of him: and he inscribes to him of the governors of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors and the elders thereof - seventy-seven men. 15 And he comes to the men of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors and says, Behold Zebach and Sal Munna, with whom you reproached me, saying, Are the palms of Zebach and Sal Munna now in your hand, that we give bread to your men who are weary? 16 And he takes the elders of the city and thorns of the wilderness and flints and with them he has the men of Sukkoth/Brush Arbors to know: 17 and he pulls down the tower of Penu El and slaughters the men of the city. 18 Then he says to Zebach and Sal Munna, How are the men you slaughtered at Tabor? And they say, As you, thus they; each one according to the form of the sons of one sovereign. 19 And he says, My brothers - sons of my mother: as Yah Veh lives, had you saved them alive, I had not slaughtered you. 20 And he says to Yether his firstbirthed, Rise! slaughter them! And the lad draws not his sword: for he awes, because he is still a lad. 21 Then Zebach and Sal Munna say, Rise! Encounter us! As the man, thus his might! And Gidon rises and slaughters Zebach and Sal Munna and takes the pendants on the necks of their camels. 22
Then the men of Yisra El say to Gidon, Reign over us - both you and your son and the son of your son: for you saved us from the hand of Midyaniy. 23 And Gidon says to them, Neither I reign over you, nor my son reigns over you: Yah Veh reigns over you. 24 And Gidon says to them, I ask a petition of you, that every man of you give me the noserings of his spoil. - they have golden noserings for they are Yishma Eliy. 25 And they say, In giving, we give them. And they spread a cloth and every man casts therein the noserings of his spoil: 26 and the weight of the golden noserings he asks is a thousand and seven hundred of gold - beside crescents and pendants and purple covering on the sovereigns of Midyaniy - beside the chokers around the necks of their camels. 27 And Gidon works an ephod thereof and places it in his city - in Ophrah: and all Yisra El whores after it: which becomes a snare to Gidon and to his house. 28
Thus he subdues Midyaniy at the face of the sons of Yisra El so that they add not to lift their heads; and the land rests forty years in the days of Gidon. 29 And Yerub Baal the son of Yah Ash goes and settles in his own house. 30 And Gidon has seventy sons come from his flank - for he has many women: 31 and his concubine in Shechem also births him a son on whom he set the name Abi Melech. THE DEATH OF GIDON 32 And Gidon the son of Yah Ash dies in a good grayness; and is entombed in the tomb of Yah Ash his father in Ophrah of the Abi Ezeriy. 33
And so be it, as soon as Gidon dies, the sons of Yisra El turn back and whore after Baalim and set Baal Berith their elohim. 34 And the sons of Yisra El neither remember Yah Veh their Elohim who rescued them from the hands of all their enemies all around: 35 nor worked they mercy to the house of Yerub Baal - Gidon, according to all the goodness he worked to Yisra El.