Judges 2

ECB(i) 1
And the angel of Yah Veh ascends from Gilgal to Bochim, and says, I ascended you from Misrayim and brought you to the land I oathed to your fathers; and I said, I break not my covenant with you eternally: 2 and you, cut no covenant with the settlers of this land; pull down their sacrifice altars - and you hearken not to my voice: Why work you this? 3 And I also said, I dispossess them not from your face; but they become in your sides and their elohim becomes a snare to you. 4 And so be it, when the angel of Yah Veh words these words to all the sons of Yisra El, the people lift their voice and weep: 5 and they called the name of that place Bochim: and there they sacrifice to Yah Veh. 6
And Yah Shua sends the people away; every man of the sons of Yisra El goes to his inheritance to possess the land: 7 and the people serve Yah Veh all the days of Yah Shua - and all the days of the elders who prolonged days after Yah Shua - who saw all the great works Yah Veh worked for Yisra El. 8 And Yah Shua the son of Nun the servant of Yah Veh dies - a son of a hundred and ten years: 9 and they entomb him in the border of his inheritance - in Timnah Heres in the mount of Ephrayim on the north of Mount Gaash. 10
And all that generation also gathers to their fathers: and another generation rises after them who neither know Yah Veh nor the works he worked for Yisra El: 11 and the sons of Yisra El work evil in the eyes of Yah Veh and serve Baalim: 12 and they forsake Yah Veh Elohim of their fathers who brought them from the land of Misrayim: and they go after other elohim - of the elohim of the people all around them; and prostrate themselves to them, and vex Yah Veh: 13 and they forsake Yah Veh and serve Baal and Ashtaroth. 14 And Yah Veh kindles his wrath against Yisra El and he gives them into the hands of plunderers who plunder them; and he sells them into the hands of their enemies all around, so that they cannot stand at the face of their enemies. 15 Wherever they go the hand of Yah Veh is against them for evil as Yah Veh worded and as Yah Veh oathed to them: and they are mightily depressed. 16
And Yah Veh raises judges who save them from the hand of their plunderers; 17 and they also hearken not to their judges: and they whore after other elohim and prostrate themselves to them: they turn aside hastily from the way their fathers walked hearing the misvoth of Yah Veh - thus they work not. 18 And Yah Veh raises them judges, and Yah Veh is with the judge and saves them from the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge: for Yah Veh sighs because of their groanings at the face of their oppressors; and oppresses them. 19 And so be it, at the death of the judge, they return, more ruinous than their fathers, by going after other elohim to serve them and to prostrate to them; they neither fall from their exploits nor from their hard way. 20 And Yah Veh kindles his wrath against Yisra El; and he says, Because this goyim trespasses my covenant which I misvahed their fathers; and hearken not to my voice; 21 I also add to not dispossess from their face any man of the goyim Yah Shua left when he died: 22 and through them, I test Yisra El, whether they guard the way of Yah Veh to walk therein as their fathers guarded, or not. 23 And Yah Veh sets those goyim - neither dispossessing them hastily nor giving them into the hand of Yah Shua.