Genesis 45

ECB(i) 1
YOSEPH REVEALS HIS IDENTITY And Yoseph cannot refrain himself in front of all who station themselves by him; and he calls, Have every man go out from me! And no man stands with him, as Yoseph has his brothers know who he is: 2 and he gives his voice in weeping: and the Misrayim and the house of Paroh hear. 3 And Yoseph says to his brothers, I am Yoseph! Is my father yet alive? - and his brothers cannot answer him; for they terrify at his face. 4 And Yoseph says to his brothers, Come near me, I beseech you. - and they come near. And he says, I am Yoseph your brother whom you sold into Misrayim: 5 and now, neither contort nor inflame your eyes, that you sold me here: for Elohim sent me from your face to enliven. 6 For these two years the famine is in the land: and there are yet five years, in which there is neither ploughing nor harvest: 7 and Elohim sent me from your face to set of you a survivor in the earth and to preserve your lives by a great escape. 8 And now, you - you sent me not here, but Elohim: and he set me, father to Paroh and adoni of all his house and a sovereign throughout all the land of Misrayim. 9 Hasten and ascend to my father and say to him, Thus says your son Yoseph, Elohim set me adoni of all Misrayim! Descend to me! Stay not! 10 And settle in the land of Goshen and be near to me - you and your sons and the sons of your sons and your flocks and your oxen and all you have; 11 and there I nourish you: for there are yet five years of famine; lest you and your household and all that you have, become dispossessed. 12 And behold, your eyes and the eyes of my brother Ben Yamin see, that my mouth words to you: 13 and you tell my father of all my honor in Misrayim and of all you see; and hasten and descend my father here. 14 And he falls on the neck of his brother Ben Yamin and weeps; and Ben Yamin weeps on his neck: 15 and he kisses all his brothers and weeps on them: and after that his brothers word with him. 16 And the voice thereof becomes heard in the house of Paroh, saying, The brothers of Yoseph have come! - and it well-pleases the eyes of Paroh and the eyes of his servants. 17 And Paroh says to Yoseph, Say to your brothers, Work this: Load your beasts and go and get to the land of Kenaan; 18 and take your father and your households and come to me: and I give you the good of the land of Misrayim and you eat the fat of the land. 19 Now you - you are misvahed; work this: take wagons from the land of Misrayim for your toddlers and for your women and bear your father and come. 20 And that your eye spare not your instruments; for the good of all the land of Misrayim is yours. 21 - and thus the sons of Yisra El work. And Yoseph gives them wagons according to the mouth of Paroh; and gives them hunt for the way: 22 he gives all of them - to each man changes of clothes: but to Ben Yamin he gives three hundred silver and five changes of clothes: 23 and to his father he sends thus: ten he burros loaded with the goods of Misrayim; and ten she burros loaded with grain and bread and food for his father by the way. 24 - thus he sends his brothers away and they go: and he says to them, See that you not quiver by the way. 25 And they ascend from Misrayim and come into the land of Kenaan to Yaaqov their father, 26 and tell him, saying, Yoseph is yet alive and he is sovereign over all the land of Misrayim. - and the heart of Yaaqov is exhausted for he trusts them not. 27 And they word all the words Yoseph worded to them: and when he sees the wagons Yoseph sent to bear him, the spirit of Yaaqov their father enlivens: 28 and Yisra El says, Great! Yoseph my son is yet alive: I go and see him ere I die.