Psalms 75

Coverdale(i) 1 Unto the (o God) will we geue thakes, yee vnto the wyll we geue thankes, 2 & seynge thy name is so nye, we will tell of thy wonderous workes. 3 When I maye get a conuenient tyme, I shal iudge acordinge vnto right. 4 The earth is weake & all that is therin, but I beare vp hir pilers. 5 Sela. I sayde vnto the madde people: deale not so madly, & to the vngodly: set not vp youre hornes. 6 Set not vp youre hornes an hye, & speake not with a stiff necke. 7 For promocio commeth nether from the east ner from the west, ner yet fro the wyldernesse. 8 And why? God is the iudge: he putteth downe one & setteth vp another. 9 For in the honde of the LORDE there is a cuppe full of stronge wyne, & he poureth out of the same: As for the dregges therof, all ye vngodly of the earth shal drynke them, & sucke them out. 10 But I wil talke of the God of Iacob, & prayse him for euer. All the hornes of the vngodly will I breake, & ye hornes of the rightuous shalbe exalted.