Psalms 76

Coverdale(i) 1 In Iuda is God knowne, his name is greate in Israel. 2 At Salem is his tabernacle, & his dwellinge in Sion. 3 There breaketh he the arowes of the bowe, ye shylde, the swerde & the whole battayll. 4 Sela. Thou art of more honoure & might the the hilles of robbers. 5 The proude shalbe robbed & slepe their slepe, & ye mightie shalbe able to do nothinge with their hodes. 6 Whe thou rebukest them (o God of Iacob) both the charettes & horsmen shal fall on slepe. 7 Thou art feareful, for who maye abyde in yi sight, when thou art angrie? 8 When thou lattest thy iudgment be herde from heauen, the erth trembleth & is still. 9 Yee when God aryseth to geue iudgment, & to helpe all them that be in aduersite vpon earth. 10 Sela. When thou punyshest one man, he must knowlege, that thou art redy to punysh other mo. 11 Loke what ye promyse vnto the LORDE youre God, se that kepe it, all ye that be roude aboute him: brynge presentes vnto him yt ought to be feared. 12 Which taketh awaye the breth of prynces, & is wonderfull amoge the kynges of the earth.