Psalms 74

Coverdale(i) 1 O God, wherfore doest thou cast vs so cleane awaye? why is yi wrath so hote agaynst ye shepe of yi pasture? 2 O thynke vpon thy congregacion, whom thou hast purchased fro the begynnynge: 3 the staff of thine inheritaunce, whom thou hast redemed, euen this hill of Sion wherin thou dwellest. 4 Treade vpon them with thy fete, & cast them downe to the grounde, for the enemie hath destroyed alltogether in the Sactuary. 5 Thy aduersaries roare in thy houses, & set vp their banners for tokens. 6 Men maye se the axes glister aboue, like as those that hewe in the wod. 7 They cutt downe all the sylinge worke of ye Sactuary wt bylles & axes. 8 They haue set fyre vpon yi Sactuary they haue defiled ye dwellynge place of yi name, eue vnto the groude. 9 Yee they saye in their hertes: Let vs spoyle the all together, thus haue they brent vp all the houses of God in the londe. 10 We se oure tokens nomore, there is not one prophet more, no not one that vnderstondeth enymore. 11 Oh God, how loge shal the aduersary do this dishonoure, how loge shal the enemie blaspheme thy name? foreuer? 12 Why withdrawest thou thine honde? why pluckest thou not thy right hode out of thy bosome, to consume thine enemies? 13 But God is my kynge of olde, the helpe that is done vpon earth he doth it himself. 14 Thou denydest ye see thorow thy power, thou breakest the heades of the dragos in the waters. 15 Thou smytest the heades of Leuiathan in peces, & geuest him to be meate for the people in the wildernesse. 16 Thou dyggest vp welles & brokes, thou dryest vp mightie waters. 17 The daye is thyne, & the night is thine: thou hast prepared the lightes & the Sonne. 18 Thou hast set all ye borders of the earth thou hast made both Sommer & wynter. 19 Remembre this (o LORDE) how the enemie rebuketh, & how the foolish people blaspheme thy name. 20 O delyuer not the soule of thy turtle doue vnto the beestes, & forget not the congregacon of the poore for euer. 21 Loke vpon the couenaunt, for the darcke houses of the earth are full of wickednesse. 22 O let not the symple go awaye ashamed, for the poore & nedy geue prayses vnto thy name. 23 Aryse (o God) & manteyne thine owne cause, remembre how the foolish ma blasphemeth the daylie. Forget not the voyce of thine enemies, for the presumpcion of them that hate the, increaseth euer more & more.