Psalms 65

Coverdale(i) 1 Thou (o God) art praysed in Sion, and vnto the is the vowe perfourmed. 2 Thou hearest the prayer, therfore cometh all flesh vnto the. 3 Oure my?dedes preuayle agaynst vs, oh be thou mercyfull vnto oure synnes. 4 Blessed is the man who thou chosest and receauest vnto the, that he maye dwell in thy courte: he shall be satisfied with the pleasures of thy house, euen off thy holy temple. 5 Heare vs acordinge vnto thy woderfull rightuousnesse, o God oure saluacio: thou that art the hope of all the endes of ye earth, and off the brode see. 6 Which in his strength setteth fast the moutaynes, & is gyrded aboute with power. 7 Which stilleth ye ragige of the see, the roaringe off his wawes, and the woodnes of the people. 8 They that dwell in ye vttemost partes are afrayed at thy tokens, thou makest both the mornynge and euenynge starres to prayse ye. 9 Thou visetest the earth, thou watrest it, and makest it very plenteous. 10 The ryuer of God is full of waters, thou preparest man his corne, ad thus thou prouydest for the earth. 11 Thou watrest hir forowes, thou breakest the harde clottes therof, thou makest it soft with ye droppes of rayne, and blessest the increase of it. 12 Thou crownest the yeare with thy good, and thy fotesteppes droppe fatnesse. 13 The dwellinges of the wildernes are fatt also, yt they droppe withall, & the litle hilles are pleasaunt on euery syde. The foldes are full of shepe, the valleys stonde so thicke with corne yt they laugh and synge.