Psalms 65

ECB(i) 1 To His Eminence; A Psalm: A Song by David. Silence to you! Halal O Elohim, in Siyon! And to you, shalam the vow! 2 O you who hears prayer, to whom all flesh comes. 3 Words of perversities prevail mightily against me; as for our rebellions, you kapar/atone them. 4 Blithe - they whom you choose and draw near to tabernacle in your courts: we satisfy with the goodness of your house - your holy manse. 5 In awesome justness you answer us, O Elohim of our salvation; the confidence of all the ends of the earth and of them afar off on the sea: 6 who by his force establishes the mountains; girt with might: 7 who lauds the roaring of the seas the roaring of their waves and the roar of the nations. 8 And they who settle in the extremities awe at your signs; the risings of the morning and evening you cause to shout. 9 You visit the earth and overflow it; you greatly enrich it with the rivulet of Elohim - full of water: you prepare them crop when you thus prepare for it: 10 you saturate the furrows; you descend in the furrows; you dissolve it with showers; you bless the sprouting: 11 you crown the year with your goodness; and your routes drip fatness. 12 They drip on the folds of the wilderness; and the mountains gird with twirling all around: 13 the rams enrobe with flocks; and the valleys shroud with grain. They shout! They sing!