Psalms 64

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare my voyce (o God) in my coplaynte, preserue my life fro feare of ye enemie. 2 Hyde me from the gatheringe together of ye frowarde, fro ye heape of wicked doers. 3 Which whette their tuges like a swerde, & shute wt their venimous wordes like as wt arowes. 4 That they maye preuely hurte ye innocet, & sodely to hit him wt out eny feare. 5 They haue deuysed myschefe, and commoned amonge them selues, how they maye laye snares: tush (saye they) who shall se them? 6 They ymagin wickednesse, and kepe it secrete amonge them selues, euery man in ye depe of his herte. 7 But God shall sodenly shute with an arowe, yt they shall be wounded. 8 Yee their owne tunges shall make them fall, In so moch that who so seyth the, shal laugh the to scorne. 9 And all men that se it, shal saye: this hath God done for they shal perceaue, yt it is his worke. 10 The rightuous shal reioyse in the LORDE, and put his trust in him: and all they yt are true off herte, shalbe glad therof.