Psalms 137

Coverdale(i) 1 By the waters of Babilon we sat downe and wepte, when we remebred Sion. 2 As for oure harpes, we hanged them vp vpon the trees, that are therin. 3 The, they that led vs awaye captyue, requyred of vs a songe and melody in or heuynes: synge vs one of the songes of Sion. 4 How shal we synge the LORDES songe in a strauge lode? 5 Yf I forget the (o Ierusalem) let my right hande be forgotten. 6 Yf I do not remembre the, let my tonge cleue to the rofe of my mouth: yee yf I preferre not Ierusalem in my myrth. 7 Remembre the childre of Edom (o LORDE) in the daye of Ierusalem, how they sayde: downe with it, downe with it, eue to the grounde. 8 O doughter Babilo, thou shalt come to misery thy self: yee happie shal he be, that rewardeth ye as thou hast serued vs. 9 Blessed shal he be, that taketh thy children, and throweth them agaynst the stones