Psalms 137

Bishops(i) 1 By the waters of Babylon we sat downe there: also we wept when we remembred Sion 2 We hanged our harpes on the Salon trees: in the mydst of it 3 For there they that led vs away captiue required of vs some matter of a song: and [for] our waylynges myrth, [saying] sing vs one of the songes of Sion 4 [He aunswered] howe can we sing one of the songes of God: in another lande besides our owne 5 If I forget thee O Hierusalem: let my right hande forget [her cunning. 6 Let my tongue cleaue to the roofe of my mouth, if I do not remember thee: yea if I preferre not thee O Hierusalem aboue my most myrth 7 Remember the chyldren of Edom in the day of Hierusalem: they sayde, downe with it, downe with it, euen to the grounde 8 O daughter of Babylon who must lye wasted: happy shall he be that rewardeth thee as thou hast serued vs 9 Blessed shall he be: that taketh & throweth thy litle children against the stone