Psalms 137

  1 H5104 By the rivers H894 of Babylon, H8033 there H3427 we sat H1571 down, yes, H1058 we wept, H2142 when we remembered H6726 Zion.
  2 H8518 We hanged H3658 our harps H6155 on the willows H8432 in the middle thereof.
  3 H8033 For there H7617 they that carried H7617 us away captive H7592 required H1697 of us a song; H7892 H8437 and they that wasted H8057 us required of us mirth, H7891 saying, Sing H7892 us one of the songs H6726 of Zion.
  4 H349 How H7891 shall we sing H3068 the LORD’s H7892 song H5236 in a strange H127 land?
  5 H518 If H7911 I forget H3389 you, O Jerusalem, H3225 let my right H3225 hand H7911 forget her cunning.
  6 H518 If H2142 I do not remember H3956 you, let my tongue H1692 stick H2441 to the roof H2441 of my mouth; H518 if H5927 I prefer H3389 not Jerusalem H5921 above H7218 my chief H8057 joy.
  7 H2142 Remember, H3068 O LORD, H1121 the children H123 of Edom H3117 in the day H3389 of Jerusalem; H559 who said, H6168 Raze H6168 it, raze H3247 it, even to the foundation thereof.
  8 H1323 O daughter H894 of Babylon, H7703 who are to be destroyed; H835 happy H7999 shall he be, that rewards H1580 you as you have served us.
  9 H835 Happy H270 shall he be, that takes H5310 and dashes H5768 your little H413 ones against H5553 the stones.