Proverbs 21

Coverdale(i) 1 The kynges hert is in the hande of the LORDE, like as are the ryuers of water: he maye turne it whyther so euer he wyll. 2 Euery man thinketh his owne waye to be right, but the LORDE iudgeth ye hertes. 3 To do rightuousnesse and iudgmet is more acceptable to the LORDE the sacrifice. 4 A presumptuous loke, a proude stomacke, & the lanterne of the vngodly is synne. 5 The deuyses of one that is diligent, brynge plenteousnes: but he yt is vnaduysed, commeth vnto pouerte. 6 Who so hoordeth vp riches wt ye disceatfulnes of his tonge, he is a foole, & like vnto them that seke their owne death. 7 The robberies of the vngodly shalbe their owne destruccion, for they wolde not do the thynge that was right. 8 The wayes of the frowarde are straunge, but ye workes of him yt is cleane, are right. 9 It is better to dwell in a corner vnder ye house toppe, then with a braulinge woman in a wyde house. 10 The soule of the vngodly wysheth euell, and hath no pitie vpon his neghboure. 11 When the scornefull is punyshed, the ignoraunt take ye better hede: & when a wyse man is warned, he wil receaue the more vnderstondinge. 12 The rightuous enfourmeth the house of the vngodly, but ye vngodly go on still after their owne wickednesse. 13 Who so stoppeth his eare at the criege of the poore, he shal crie himself and not be herde. 14 A preuy rewarde pacifieth displeasure, and a gifte in the bosome stilleth furiousnesse. 15 The iust delyteth in doynge the thynge that is right, but the workers of wickednesse abhorre the same. 16 The man that wandreth out of the waye of wy?dome, shal remayne in the cogregacion of ye deed. 17 He yt hath pleasure in banckettes, shal be a poore man: Who so delyteth in wyne and delicates, shal not be riche. 18 The vngodly shalbe geuen for the rightuous, & the wicked for the iust. 19 It is better to dwell in a wyldernesse, the with a chydinge and an angrie woman. 20 In a wyse mans house there is greate treasure and plenteousnesse, but a foolish body spendeth vp all. 21 Who so foloweth rightuousnesse and mercy, fyndeth both life, rightuousnesse and honor. 22 A wyse man wynneth the cite of the mightie, and as for the strength yt they trust in, he bryngeth it downe. 23 Who so kepeth his mouth and his tonge, the same kepeth his soule from troubles. 24 He yt is proude & presumptuous, is called a scornefull ma, which in wrath darre worke maliciously. 25 The voluptuousnesse of the slouthfull is his owne death, for his hades wyll not labor. 26 He coueteth and desyreth all the daye longe, but the rightuous is allwaye geuynge & kepeth nothinge backe. 27 The sacrifice of the vngodly is abhominacion, for they offre the thinge yt is gotten wt wickednes. 28 A false wytnesse shal perishe, but he yt wilbe content to heare, shal allwaye haue power to speake himself. 29 An vngodly man goeth forth rashly, but the iust refourmeth his owne waye. 30 There is no wy?dome, there is no vnderstondinge, there is no councell agaynst the LORDE. 31 The horse is prepared agaynst ye daye of battayll, but the LORDE geueth the victory.