Numbers 4:4-20

Coverdale(i) 4 This shal be the office of the children of Rahath in the Tabernacle of wytnesse, which is most holy. 5 Whan the hoost breaketh vp, Aaron and his sonnes shall go in, and take downe the vayle, and couer the Arke of wytnesse therwith, 6 and laye the couerynge of doo skynnes vpon it, and sprede a whole yalowe clothe aboue theron, and put his staues therin. 7 And vpon the shewe table they shal sprede a yalowe clothe also, and set ther on the disshes, spones, flatpeces and pottes to poure out and in, and the daylie bred shal lye vpon it, 8 and they shall sprede a purple clothe ther ouer, and couer it with a couerynge of doo skynnes, and put the staues of it therin. 9 And they shal take a yalowe clothe, and couer the cadilsticke of light therwith, and his lampes, with his snoffers and outquenchers, and all the oyle vessels that belonge to the seruyce, 10 and aboute all this shal they put a couerynge of doo skynnes, and put it vpon staues. 11 So shal they sprede a yalowe clothe ouer the golden altare also, and couer the same with a couerynge of doo skynnes, and put it vpon staues. 12 All the vessels that they occupye in the Sanctuary, shal they take, and put a yalowe clothe ther ouer, & couer them with a couerynge of doo skynnes, and put them vpon staues. 13 They shal swepe the asshes also from the altare, and sprede a clothe of scarlet ouer it, and set all his vessels theron, 14 that they occupye vpon it: colepames, fleshokes, shouels, basens, with all the apparell of the altare, and they shal sprede a couerynge of doo skynnes theron, and put his staues therto. 15 Now whan Aaron and his sonnes haue done this, and haue couered the Sanctuary & all the ornametes therof, whan the hoost breaketh vp, then shal the children of Rahath go in, that they maye beare it, and the Sanctuary shall they not touche, lest they dye. This is the charge of the childre of Rahath in the Tabernacle of wytnesse. 16 And Eleasar the sonne of Aaron ye prest, shal haue the office, to prepare the oyle for the light, and the spyces for the incense, and the daylie meatofferynge, and the anoyntinge oyle, to order the whole habitacion, & all that therin is, in the Sanctuary and the ornamentes therof. 17 And the LORDE spake vnto Moses and Aaron, & sayde: 18 Ye shal not destroye the trybe of the kynred of the Rahathites amoge the Leuites, 19 but this shal ye do with them, yt they maye lyue & not dye, yf they touche the most holy. Aaron and his sonnes shal go in, and appoynte euery one vnto his office & charge. 20 But they shal not go in, presumptuously to loke vpo ye Sanctuary, lest they die.