Jeremiah 21

Coverdale(i) 1 These are the wordes that the LORDE spake vnto Ieremy, what tyme as kinge Sedechias sent vnto him Pashur the sonne off Melchia, and Sophonias the sonne of Maasia prest, sayenge: 2 Axe councell at the LORDE (we praye the) of oure behalfe, for Nabuchodonosor the kinge off Babilon besegeth vs, yff the LORDE (peraduenture) will deale with vs, acordinge to his maruelous power, and take him from vs. 3 Then spake Ieremy: Geue Sedechias this answere, 4 Thus saieth the LORDE God off Israel: beholde, I will turne backe the weapens, that ye haue in youre hondes, wherwith ye fight agaynst the kinge of Babilo & the Caldees, which besege you rounde aboute ye walles: & I wil brige the together in to the myddest of this cite, 5 and I myselff will fight agaynst you, with an outstretched honde, ad with a mightie arme, in greate displeasure and terrible wrath: 6 and will smyte them, that dwell in this cite: yee both me ad catell shal dye of the pestilence. 7 And after this (saieth the LORDE) I shall delyuer Sedechias the kinge of Iuda, & his seruauntes, his people (and soch as are escaped in the cite, from the pestilence, swearde, and honger) into the power of Nabuchodonosor kinge of Babilon: yee in to the hodes of their enemies, in to the hodes of those yt folowe vpon their lyues, which shall smyte them with ye swerde: they shal not pite the, they shal not spare them, they shall haue no mercy vpon them. 8 And vnto this people thou shalt saye: Thus saieth the LORDE: beholde, I laye before you the waye of life and deeth. 9 Who so abydeth in this cite, shal perish: ether wt the swearde, with honger, or with pestilece. But who so goeth out to holde on ye Caldees parte, yt besege it, he shal saue his life, and shall wynne his soule for a pray. 10 For I haue set my face agaynst this cite (saieth the LORDE) to plage it, and to do it no good. It must be geue in to the honde of the kinge of Babilon, & be brent with fyre. 11 And vnto the house of the kinge off Iuda, saye thus: Heare the worde of ye LORDE 12 (o thou house off Dauid) for thus saieth the LORDE: Ministre rightuousnes, and that soone, delyuer the oppressed fro violent power: or euer my terrible wrath break out like a fyre. and burne so, that no man maye quech it, because of the wickednes of youre ymaginacions. 13 Beholde (saieth the LORDE) I wil come vpo you, that dwel in the valleis, rockes and feldes and saye: Tush, who will make vs afrayed? or who will come in to oure houses? 14 For I will vyset you (saieth the LORDE) because off the wickednes off youre invencions, and will kyndle soch a fyre in youre wod, as shall cosume all, that is aboute you.