Jeremiah 20

Coverdale(i) 1 When Pashur the preast, the sonne off Emmer, chefe in the house of ye LORDE, herde Ieremy preach so stedfastly: 2 he smote Ieremy, and put him in the stockes, that are by the hie gate of Ben Iamin, in the house of ye LORDE. 3 The nexte daye folowinge, Pashur brought Ieremy out of the stockes agayne. Then sayde Ieremy vnto him: The LORDE shall call the nomore Pashur (that is excellent and increasinge) but Magor (that is fearfull ad afrayed) euery where. 4 For thus saieth the LORDE: beholde, I will make the afrayed, the thy self, and all that fauoure ye: which shal perish with the swearde off their enemies, euen before yi face. And I wil geue whole Iuda vnder the power of the kinge of Babilon, which shall carie some vnto Babilon presoners, and slaye some with the swearde. 5 Morouer, all ye substaunce of this londe, all their precious and gorgeous workes, all costlynesse, and all the treasure of the kinges of Iuda: wil I geue in to the hodes of their enemies, which shal spoyle them, and carie them vnto Babilon. 6 But as for the (o Pashur) thou shalt be caried vnto Babilon with all thine housholde, & to Babilo shalt thou come, where thou shalt die, and be buried: thou and all thy fauourers, to whom thou hast preached lies. 7 O LORDE, thou makest me weake, but thou refreshest me, & makest me stronge agayne. All the daye longe am I despysed, and laughed to scorne of euery man: 8 because I haue now preached longe agaynst malicious Tyranny, and shewed them off destruccion. For ye which cause they cast the worde off the LORDE in my teth, and take me euer to the worst. 9 Wherfore, I thought from hence forth, not to speake of him, ner to preach eny more in his name. But the worde off the LORDE was a very burnynge fyre in my hert and in my bones, which when I wolde haue stopped, I might not. 10 For why, I herde so many derisios and blasphemies, yee euen of myne owne companyons, and off soch as were conuersaunte with me: which wente aboute, to make me afrayed sayenge: vpon him, let vs go vpon him, to feare him, and make him holde his tonge: yt we maye ouercome him, and be avenged off him. 11 But the LORDE stode by me, like a mightie giaunte: therfore my persecuters fell, and coude do nothinge. They shal be sore confouded, for they haue done vnwisely, they shall haue an euerlastinge shame. 12 And now, o LORDE of hoostes, thou rightuous sercher) which knowest the reynes and the very hertes:) let me se them punyshed, for vnto the I committe my cause. 13 Synge vnto the LORDE, and prayse him, for he hath delyuered the soule off the oppressed, from the honde off the violent. 14 Cursed be the daye, wherein I was borne: vnhappie be ye daye, where in my mother brought me forth. 15 Cursed be the man, that brought my father the tidinges, to make him glad, sayenge: thou hast gotten a sonne. 16 Let it happen vnto that man, as to the cities which ye LORDE turned vpside downe (when he had longe herde the wicked rumoure of them) 17 because he slewe me not, as soone as I came out off my mothers wombe, and because my mother was not my graue hirselff, that the byrth might not haue come out, but remayned still in her. 18 Wherfore came I forth off my mothers wombe? To haue experience of laboure and sorowe? and to lede my life with shame?