Deuteronomy 25

Coverdale(i) 1 Whan there is a stryfe betwene men, they shalbe brought before ye lawe and iudged: and the iudges shall iustifye the righteous, and condemne the vngodly. 2 And yf the vngodly haue deserued strypes, the iudge shall commaunde to take him downe, and they shall beate him before him, acordynge to the measure and nombre of his trespace. 3 Whan they haue geue him fortye strypes, they shall beate him nomore, lest (yf there be mo strypes geuen him) he be beaten to moch, and thy brother be horrible before thine eyes. 4 Thou shalt not mosell the mouth of the oxe, that treadeth out the corne. 5 Whan brethren dwell together, and one of them dye with out children, then shall not ye wife of the deed take a straunge man without, but hir kynsman shal go in vnto her, and take her to wyfe: 6 and the first sonne that she beareth, shal he set vp after the name of his brother which is deed, that his name be not put out of Israel. 7 But yf the man wyl not take his kynswoman, then shal his kinswoman go vp vnder the gate to the Elders, and saye: My kynsman refuseth to stere vp a name vnto his brother in Israel, and wyl not marye me. 8 Then shal the Elders of the cite call him, and comen with him. Yf he stonde then and saye: I wyl not take her, 9 then shal his kynswoman steppe forth vnto him before the Elders, and lowse a shue fro his fote, and spyt in his face, and shal answere, and saye: Thus shal it be done vnto euery man, that wyl not builde his brothers house. 10 And his name shalbe called in Israel, the vnshodd house. 11 Yf two men stryue together, and the wyfe of one renne to, to delyuer hir husbande from the hande of him that smyteth him, & put forth hir hande, and take him by the secretes, 12 then shalt thou cut of hir hande, and thine eye shal not pitie her. 13 Thou shalt not haue in yi bagg two maner of weightes, a greate and a small. 14 Nether shalt thou haue in thyne house dyuerse measures, a greate and a small. 15 Thou shalt haue a perfecte and iust weighte, and a perfecte and iust measure, that thy life maye be longe in the londe, which the LORDE yi God shal geue the. 16 For who so euer doth soch (yee all they that do euell) are abhominacion vnto the LORDE thy God. 17 Remebre what the Amalechites did vnto the by the waye, wha ye were departed out of Egipte, 18 how they buckled with the by the waye, and smote thy hynmost, euen all that were feble, which came after the whan thou wast weerye and fainte, and they feared not God. 19 Now wha the LORDE thy God bryngeth the, to rest fro all thine enemies rounde aboute in the londe which the LORDE thy God geueth the for inheritaunce to possesse, then shalt thou put out the remembraunce of the Amalechites from vnder heauen. Forget not this.