Deuteronomy 26

Coverdale(i) 1 Whan thou commest into the londe that the LORDE thy God shal geue the to inheritaunce, and enioyest it, and dwellest therin, 2 thou shalt take of all maner first frutes of the londe, that come out of thy grounde, which the LORDE thy God geueth the, & shalt put them in a maunde, and go vnto the place which the LORDE thy God shal chose (yt his name maye dwell there) 3 and thou shalt come vnto the prest which shalbe at that tyme, and saye vnto him: I knowlege this daye vnto the LORDE thy God, that I am come in to the londe, which ye LORDE sware vnto oure fathers to geue vs. 4 And the prest shal take the maunde out of thine hande, and set it downe before the altare of the LORDE thy God. 5 Then shalt thou answere and saye before the LORDE thy God: The Syrians wolde haue destroyed my father, which wete downe in to Egipte, and was a strauger there with a small folke, and became there a nacio greate, mightie & full of people. 6 But the Egipcias intreated vs euell, and troubled vs, and layed an harde bondage vpo vs. 7 Then cried we vnto ye LORDE, the God of oure fathers. And the LORDE herde oure cryenge, and loked on oure aduersite, laboure, and oppressio, 8 & brought vs out of Egipte with a mightie hande, and a stretched out arme, and with greate terryblenesse thorow tokens and woders, 9 and hath broughte vs vnto this place and hath geuen vs this londe, that floweth with mylke and hony. 10 Therfore brynge I now the first frutes of the londe, which the LORDE hath geuen vs. And thou shalt leaue them before the LORDE thy God, and geue thankes before the LORDE thy God, 11 and reioyse ouer all the good, that the LORDE yi God hath geuen the, and thyne house: thou and the Leuite, and the straunger that is with the. 12 Whan thou hast brought together all ye tythes of thine increase in the thirde yeare, which is a yeare of tithes, thou shalt geue it vnto the Leuite, to the straunger, to the fatherlesse, and to the wedowe, that they maie eate within yi gates, and be filled. 13 And thou shalt saye before the LORDE thy God: I haue broughte that halowed is, out of my house, and haue geuen it vnto the Leuyte, the straunger, the fatherlesse, and the wedowe, acordinge to all thy commaundement which thou hast comaunded me. I haue not transgressed thy commaundementes, ner forgotten them. 14 I haue not eaten therof in my heuynesse, ner taken awaye therof in vnclennesse. I haue not geue therof vnto the deed. I haue bene obedient vnto the voyce of the LORDE my God, and haue done all as he hath commaunded me. 15 Loke downe from thy holy habitacion, from heauen, and blesse thy people of Israel, and ye londe that thou hast geuen vs, as thou swarest vnto oure fathers, a londe that floweth with mylke and hony. 16 In the daye whan the LORDE thy God commaunded the, to do acordynge vnto all these ordinauces and lawes, that thou shuldest kepe them and do therafter with all thy hert and with all thy soule. 17 The same daye maydest thou a promysse vnto the LORDE, that he shulde be thy God, and yt thou woldest walke in all his wayes, and kepe his ordynaunces, his commaundementes, and his lawes, and to herken vnto his voyce. 18 And the LORDE promysed the vpo the same daye, that thou shuldest be his awne peculier people, like as he hath sayde vnto the (so yt thou kepe all his commaundementes) 19 and that he wolde make the hye in prayse name and honoure aboue all nacions which he hath made yt thou mayest be an holy people vnto ye LORDE thy God, as he hath sayde vnto the.