Deuteronomy 26

  1 H935 [H8799] And it shall be, when thou hast come in H776 to the land H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8802] giveth H5159 thee for an inheritance H3423 [H8804] , and dost possess H3427 [H8804] it, and dwellest in it;
  2 H3947 [H8804] That thou shalt take H7225 of the first H6529 of all the fruit H127 of the earth H935 [H8686] , which thou shalt bring H776 of thy land H3068 that the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8802] giveth H7760 [H8804] thee, and shalt put H2935 it in a basket H1980 [H8804] , and shalt go H4725 to the place H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H977 [H8799] shall choose H7931 [H8763] to place H8034 his name there.
  3 H935 [H8804] And thou shalt go H3548 to the priest H3117 that shall be in those days H559 [H8804] , and say H5046 [H8689] to him, I profess H3117 this day H3068 to the LORD H430 thy God H935 [H8804] , that I have come H776 to the country H3068 which the LORD H7650 [H8738] swore H1 to our fathers H5414 [H8800] to give us.
  4 H3548 And the priest H3947 [H8804] shall take H2935 the basket H3027 from thy hand H3240 [H8689] , and set it down H6440 before H4196 the altar H3068 of the LORD H430 thy God.
  5 H6030 [H8804] And thou shalt speak H559 [H8804] and say H6440 before H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H761 , A Syrian H6 [H8802] ready to perish H1 was my father H3381 [H8799] , and he went down H4714 to Egypt H1481 [H8799] , and sojourned H4962 there with H4592 a few H1471 , and became there a nation H1419 , great H6099 , mighty H7227 , and populous:
  6 H4713 And the Egyptians H7489 [H8686] oppressed H6031 [H8762] us, and afflicted H5414 [H8799] us, and laid H7186 upon us hard H5656 bondage:
  7 H6817 [H8799] And when we cried H3068 to the LORD H430 God H1 of our fathers H3068 , the LORD H8085 [H8799] heard H6963 our voice H7200 [H8799] , and looked H6040 on our affliction H5999 , and our labour H3906 , and our oppression:
  8 H3068 And the LORD H3318 [H8686] brought us H4714 out of Egypt H2389 with a mighty H3027 hand H5186 [H8803] , and with an outstretched H2220 arm H1419 , and with great H4172 terribleness H226 , and with signs H4159 , and with wonders:
  9 H935 [H8686] And he hath brought H4725 us into this place H5414 [H8799] , and hath given H776 us this land H776 , even a land H2100 [H8802] that floweth H2461 with milk H1706 and honey.
  10 H935 [H8689] And now, behold, I have brought H6529 H7225 the firstfruits H127 of the land H3068 , which thou, O LORD H5414 [H8804] , hast given H3240 [H8689] me. And thou shalt set H6440 it before H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H7812 [H8694] , and worship H6440 before H3068 the LORD H430 thy God:
  11 H8055 [H8804] And thou shalt rejoice H2896 in every good H3068 thing which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8804] hath given H1004 to thee, and to thy house H3881 , thou, and the Levite H1616 , and the stranger H7130 that is among you.
  12 H3615 [H8762] When thou hast finished H6237 [H8687] tithing H4643 all the tithes H8393 of thy increase H7992 the third H8141 year H8141 , which is the year H4643 of tithing H5414 [H8804] , and hast given H3881 it to the Levite H1616 , the stranger H3490 , the fatherless H490 , and the widow H398 [H8804] , that they may eat H8179 within thy gates H7646 [H8804] , and be filled;
  13 H559 [H8804] Then thou shalt say H6440 before H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H1197 [H8765] , I have brought away H6944 the hallowed things H1004 out of my house H5414 [H8804] , and also have given H3881 them to the Levite H1616 , and to the stranger H3490 , to the fatherless H490 , and to the widow H4687 , according to all thy commandments H6680 [H8765] which thou hast commanded H5674 [H8804] me: I have not transgressed H4687 thy commandments H7911 [H8804] , neither have I forgotten them:
  14 H398 [H8804] I have not eaten H205 of it in my mourning H1197 [H8765] , neither have I taken away H2931 any of it for any unclean H5414 [H8804] use, nor given H4191 [H8801] any of it for the dead H8085 [H8804] : but I have hearkened H6963 to the voice H3068 of the LORD H430 my God H6213 [H8804] , and have done H6680 [H8765] according to all that thou hast commanded me.
  15 H8259 [H8685] Look down H6944 from thy holy H4583 habitation H8064 , from heaven H1288 [H8761] , and bless H5971 thy people H3478 Israel H127 , and the land H5414 [H8804] which thou hast given H7650 [H8738] us, as thou didst swear H1 to our fathers H776 , a land H2100 [H8802] that floweth H2461 with milk H1706 and honey.
  16 H3117 This day H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H6680 [H8764] hath commanded H6213 [H8800] thee to perform H2706 these statutes H4941 and judgments H8104 [H8804] : thou shalt therefore keep H6213 [H8804] and do H3824 them with all thy heart H5315 , and with all thy soul.
  17 H559 [H8689] Thou hast proclaimed H3068 the LORD H3117 this day H430 to be thy God H3212 [H8800] , and to walk H1870 in his ways H8104 [H8800] , and to keep H2706 his statutes H4687 , and his commandments H4941 , and his judgments H8085 [H8800] , and to hearken H6963 to his voice:
  18 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8689] hath proclaimed H3117 thee this day H5459 to be his special H5971 people H1696 [H8765] , as he hath promised H8104 [H8800] thee, and that thou shouldest keep H4687 all his commandments;
  19 H5414 [H8800] And to make H5945 thee high H1471 above all nations H6213 [H8804] which he hath made H8416 , in praise H8034 , and in name H8597 , and in honour H6918 ; and that thou mayest be an holy H5971 people H3068 to the LORD H430 thy God H1696 [H8765] , as he hath spoken.