Amos 3

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare, what the LORDE speaketh vnto you (o ye children of Israel) namely, vnto all ye trybes, who I brought out of Egipte, and sayde: 2 You only haue I accepted from all the generacions off the earth: therfore will I vyset you in all youre wickednesses. 3 Maye twaine walke together excepte they be agreed amonge them selues? 4 Doth a lyon roare in the wodde, excepte he haue a pray? Or crieth a lyons whelpe out of his denne, excepte he haue gotten somthige? 5 Doth a byrde fall in a snare vpo ye earth where no fouler is? Taketh a man his snare vp from the grounde, afore he catche somwhat? 6 Crie they out Alarum with the trompet in the cite, and the people not afrayed? Commeth there eny plage in a cite, without it be the LORDES doinge? 7 Now doth the LORDE God no maner of thinge, but he telleth his secrete before vnto his seruauntes ye prophetes. 8 When a lyon roareth, who will not be afrayed? Seynge then that the LORDE God himself speaketh, who will not prophecy? 9 Preach in the palaces at Asdod, and in the palaces off the londe off Egipte, and saye: gather you together vpon the moutaynes off Samaria, so shall ye se greate murthur and violent oppression amonge them: for why, they regarde not the thinge that is right, 10 sayeth the LORDE: they gather together euell gotten goodes, and laye vp robbery in their houses. 11 Therfore, thus sayeth the LORDE God: This londe shalbe troubled and beseged roude aboute, thy strength shalbe plucte from the, and thy palaces robbed. 12 Thus saieth the LORDE: like as an hyrdeman taketh two legges or a pece off an eare out off the Lyons mouth: Euen so the children of Israel (that dwell in Samaria, hauynge their couches in the corner, and their beddes at Damascus) shalbe plucte awaye. 13 Heare, and beare recorde in the house of Iacob (sayeth the LORDE God of hoostes) 14 that when I begynne to vyset the wickednesse of Israel, I will vyset ye aulters at Bethel also: so that the hornes of the aulter shalbe broken of, & fall to the groude. 15 As for the wynter house and sommer house, I will smyte them downe: and the houses of yuery, yee and many other houses shal perish, and be destroyed, sayeth the LORDE.