Amos 2

Coverdale(i) 1 Thus sayeth the LORDE: For thre and foure wickednesses off Moab, I will not spare him: because he brent the bones off the kynge of Edom to asshes. 2 Therfore wil I sende a fyre in to Moab, which shal cosume ye pallaces of Carioth: so yt Moab shal perish with a noyse, and the sounde of a shawme. 3 I will rote out the iudge from amoge them, and slaye all his prynces with him, sayeth the LORDE. 4 Thus sayeth the LORDE: for thre ad foure wickednesses of Iuda, I wil not spare him: because he hath cast asyde the lawe of the LORDE, and not kepte his commaundementes: for why, they wolde nedes be disceaued with the lyes, that their forefathers folowed. 5 Therfore will I sende a fyre in to Iuda, which shal consume the palaces of Ierusalem. 6 Thus sayeth the LORDE: For thre & foure wickednesses of Israel, I wil not spare him: because he hath solde the rightuous for money, and the poore for shues. 7 They treade vpon poore mens heades in the dust of the earth, & croke the wayes off the meke. The sonne and the father go to the harlot, to dishonoure my holy name: 8 they lye besyde euery aulter vpon clothes taken to pledge, and in the house of their goddes they drynke the wyne of the oppressed. 9 Yet destroyed I the Amorite before them, that was as hie as the Cedre trees, and as stronge as the okes: notwithstodinge I destroyed his frute fro aboue, and his rote from vnder. 10 Agayne: I brought you out of the londe of Egipte, and led you xl. yeares thorow the wyldernesse, that ye might haue the Amoriters londe in possession. 11 I raysed vp prophetes amonge youre children, and absteyners amonge youre yoge men. Is it not so, o ye children of Israel, sayeth the LORDE? 12 But ye gaue the absteyners wyne to drynke, yee ye comaunded the prophetes, sayenge: Prophecy not. 13 Beholde, I wil crasshe you in sonder, like as a wayne crassheth, yt is full of sheaues: 14 so that ye swifte shall not escape, nether the stronge be able to do eny thynge: no, the giaunte shal not saue his owne life. 15 The archer shall not abyde, and the swifte off fote shall not escape. The horsma shal not saue his life, 16 & he that is as maly of stomack as a giaunte, shall in that daye be fayne to runne his waye naked, sayeth the LORDE.