Amos 4

Coverdale(i) 1 Heare this worde, o ye fat kyne, that be vpon the hill of Samaria: ye that do poore me wronge, and oppresse the nedy: ye that saye to youre lordes: brynge hyther, let vs drynke. 2 Therfore the LORDE hath sworne by his holynesse: The dayes shall come vpon you, that ye shalbe lift vp vpo speares, and youre posterite caried awaye in fyssher pannes. 3 Ye shall get you out at the gappes one after another, and in Armon shal ye be cast awaye, sayeth the LORDE. 4 Ye came to Bethel for to worke vngraciousnes, and haue increased youre synnes at Galgal. Ye brought youre sacrifices in the mornynge, and youre tythes vnto the thirde daye. 5 Ye made a thakofferinge off leuen, ye promised frewillofferinges, and proclamed them. Soch lust had ye, o ye children of Israel, sayeth the LORDE God. 6 Therfore haue I geuen you ydle teth in all youre cities, & scarcenesse off bred in all youre places: yet will ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the LORDE. 7 Whe there were but thre monethes vnto ye haruest, I withelde the rayne from you: yee I rayned vpo one cite, and not vpo another one pece off grounde was moystured with rayne, and the grounde that I rayned not vpon, was drye. 8 Wherfore two (yee thre) cities came vnto one, to drynke water: but they were not satisfied, yet will ye not turne vnto me, sayeth ye LORDE. 9 I haue smyten you with drouth and blastinge: and loke how many orchardes, vinyardes, fygetrees and olyue trees ye had: ye catirpiller hath eaten them vp. But yet will ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the LORDE. 10 Pestilence haue I sent amoge you, as I dyd in Egipte: youre yonge men haue I slayen wt ye swerde, and caused youre horses be taken captyue: I made the stynckinge sauoure of youre tentes to come vp in to youre nostrels: Yet wil ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the LORDE. 11 Some off you haue I ouerthrowen? as I ouerthrewe Sodome & Gomorre: so that ye were as a brande plucte out of the fyre. Yet will ye not turne vnto me, sayeth the LORDE. 12 Therfore, thus will I handle the agayne (O Israel) ye euen thus will I handle the. Make the ready then to mete thy God, o Israel. 13 For lo, he maketh the mountaynes, he ordeneth the wynde, he sheweth man what he is aboute to do: he maketh the mornynge and the darcknesse, he treadeth vpo the hye places off the earth: ye LORDE God of hoostes is his name.