1 Peter 3

Coverdale(i) 1 Likewyse let the wyues be in subieccion to their hussbandes, that euen they which beleue not the worde, maye without the worde be wonne by ye couersacion of the wyues, 2 whan they beholde yor pure conuersacion in feare. 3 Whose apparell shal not be outwarde wt broyded heer, & hanginge on of golde, or in puttynge on of gorgious araye, 4 but let ye inwarde ma of ye hert be vncorrupte wt a meke & a quyete sprete, which before God is moch set by. 5 For after this maner in the olde tyme, dyd ye holy weme which trusted in God, tyer the selues, & were obedient vnto their hussbades: 6 Euen as Sara obeyed Abraham, and called him lorde: whose doughters ye are, as loge as ye do well, not beynge afrayed for eny trouble. 7 Likewyse ye men, dwell with them acordinge vnto knowlege, geuynge honor vnto the wife, as to the weaker vessel: & as vnto the yt are heyres with you of the grace of life, that youre prayers be not let. 8 But in conclusion be ye all of one mynde, one suffre with another, loue as brethren, be pitefull, be curteous. 9 Recopence not euell for euell, nether rebuke for rebuke: but cotrary wyse, blesse: and knowe that ye are called therto, euen yt ye shulde be heyres of ye blessynge. 10 For who so listeth to lyue, and wolde fayne se good dayes, Let him refrayne his tonge from euell, and his lippes yt they speake no gyle. 11 Let him eschue euell, & do good: Let him seke peace and ensue it. 12 For ye eyes of the LORDE are ouer the righteous, & his eares are open vnto their prayers. But ye face of the LORDE beholdeth the yt do euell. 13 And who is it that can harme you, yf ye folowe that which is good? 14 Not withstodinge blessed are ye, yf ye suffre for righteousnes sake Feare not ye their threatnynge, nether be troubled, 15 but sanctifye the LORDE God in youre hertes. Be ready allwayes to geue an answere to euery ma, that axeth you a reason of the hope that is in you, and that with mekenes & feare, 16 hauynge a good conscience, that they which bacbyte you as euell doers, maye be ashamed, that they haue falsely accused youre good couersacion in Christ. 17 For it is better (yf the wyll of God be so) that ye suffre for well doynge, the for euell doynge. 18 For as moch as Christ hath once suffred for oure synnes, ye iust for the vniust, for to brynge vs to God: & was slayne after the flesh, but quyckened after the sprete. 19 In the which sprete he also wente, and preached vnto ye spretes that were in preson, 20 which in tyme past beleued not, whan God once a bode and suffred pacietly in the tyme of Noe, whyle the Arke was a preparynge: Wherin fewe (that is to saye eight soules) were saued by water. 21 Which signifieth baptyme yt now saueth vs: not ye puttinge awaye of the fylth of the flesh, but in yt a good cosciece cosenteth vnto God by ye resurreccion of Iesus Christ, 22 which is on the righte hande of God, and is gone in to heaue, angels, power and mighte subdued vnto him.