1 Chronicles 29:21-24

Coverdale(i) 21 and offred sacrifices vnto the LORDE. And on ye nexte morow offred they burntofferynges, a M. bullockes, a M. rames, a M. labes wt their drynkofferynges, & plenteously offred they amonge all Israel. 22 And they ate and dranke the same daie before the LORDE with greate ioye, and made Salomon the sonne of Dauid kynge ye seconde tyme, and anoynted him to be ye prynce for the LORDE, & Sadoc to be the prest. 23 Thus sat Salomon vpon the seate of ye LORDE, kynge in his fathers steade, & prospered. And all Israel obeyed him, 24 & all ye rulers & mightie men, & all kynge Dauids children submytted themselues vnto kynge Salomon.