1 Chronicles 28

Coverdale(i) 1 And Dauid gathered vnto Ierusalem all the rulers of Israel, namely ye prynces of the trybes, the rulers ouer the courses, which wayted vpon the kynge, the captaynes ouer thousandes and ouer hundreds, the rulers ouer the goodes and catell of the kynge and of his sonnes, with the chaberlaines, warryers and valeaunt men. 2 And Dauid the kynge stode vp vpon his fete, and saide: Heare me my brethren and my people: I was mynded to buylde an house, where the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE shulde rest, and a fote stole for the fete of oure God, and prepared my selfe for to buylde, 3 But God sayde vnto me: Thou shalt not buylde an house vnto my name, for thou art a man of warre, and hast shed bloude. 4 Now hath the LORDE God of Israel chosen me out of all my fathers house, yt I shulde be kynge ouer Israel: for Iuda hath he chosen to be the Prynce, and in the house of Iuda amonge my fathers children hath he had pleasure vnto me, to make me kynge ouer all Israel: 5 and amoge all my sonnes (for the LORDE hath geuen me many sonnes) he hath chosen Salomon my sonne, to syt vpon the seate of the kyngdome of the LORDE ouer Israel, 6 and hath sayde vnto me: Salomon thy sonne shall buylde me an house and my courtes: for I haue chosen him to be my sonne, & I wil be his father, 7 & wyll stablishe his kyngdome for euer, yf he be constant to do after my commaundementes and lawes, as it is this daye. 8 Now in the sight of all Israel the congregacion of the LORDE, and in the eares of oure God, se that ye obserue and seke all the commaundemetes of the LORDE yor God, that ye maye possesse this good londe and that ye and youre children maie haue ye inheritaunce therof for euer. 9 And thou my sonne Salomo, knowe thou the God of thy father, and serue him with all thy hert, and with the desyre of thy soule: for the LORDE searcheth all hertes, and vnderstondeth all thoughtes & ymaginacions Yf thou seke him, thou shalt fynde him: but yf thou forsake him, he shall refuse the for euer. 10 Take hede now, for the LORDE hath chosen the, to buylde an house to be the Sactuary: be stronge, and make it. 11 And Dauid gaue Salomon his sonne a patrone of the Porche, and of his house, and of the celles and perlers and ynnermer chabers, and of the house of the Mercyseate, 12 & of all that he had in his mynde, namely of the courte of the LORDES house, and of all the oratories rounde aboute the treasures in ye house of God, and of the treasures of soch thinges as were halowed, 13 of the ordinaunces of the prestes, and Leuites, and of all ye busynesse of the offyces in the house of the LORDE. 14 Golde (gaue he him) after ye golde weight for all maner of vessels of euery offyce, and all siluer ornamentes after the weight for all maner of vessell of euery offyce: 15 and weight for the golden candilstickes and golden lampes, for euery candilstycke and his lampes his weight: likewyse for the siluer candilstickes gaue he the weight to the candilsticke & his lampes, acordynge as was requyred for euery candilstycke. 16 He gaue golde also for ye tables of the shewbred, for euery table his weight: and syluer lykewise for the syluer tables. 17 And pure golde for the fleshokes, basens and censors: and for the golden cuppes, vnto euery cuppe his weight: and for the siluer cuppes, vnto euery cuppe his weighte: 18 and for the altare of incense his weighte, of the most pure golde. And a patrone of the charett of the golden Cherubins, that they mighte sprede out them selues, and couer the Arke of the couenaunt of the LORDE. 19 All this is geuen me in wrytinge of the hande of the LORDE, to make me vnderstonde all the workes of the patrone. 20 And Dauid sayde vnto Salomo his sonne: Be thou manly and stronge, and make it, feare not, and be not fayntharted, the LORDE God my God shal be with the, and shall not withdrawe his hande, ner fayle the, tyll thou haue fynished euery worke for the seruyce in the house of the LORDE. 21 Beholde, the courses of the prestes and Leuites to all the offyces in the house of God are with the in euery worke, and are willinge, and haue wisdome to all the offyces: and so haue the prynces and all the people for euery thinge that thou hast to do.