1 Chronicles 28

  1 H1732 And David H6950 assembled H8269 all the princes H3478 of Israel, H8269 the princes H7626 of the tribes, H8269 and the captains H4256 of the companies H8334 that ministered H4428 to the king H4256 by course, H8269 and the captains H505 over the thousands, H8269 and captains H3967 over the hundreds, H8269 and the stewards H7399 over all the substance H4735 and possession H4428 of the king, H1121 and of his sons, H5631 with the officers, H1368 and with the mighty men, H2428 and with all the valiant men, H3389 unto Jerusalem.
  2 H1732 Then David H4428 the king H6965 stood up H7272 upon his feet, H559 and said, H8085 Hear H251 me, my brothers, H5971 and my people: H3824 As for me, I had in my heart H1129 to build H1004 an house H4496 of rest H727 for the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the Lord, H1916 and for the footstool H430 of our God, H3559 and had made ready H1129 for the building:
  3 H430 But God H559 said H1129 unto me, You shall not build H1004 a house H8034 for my name, H376 because you have been a man H4421 of war, H8210 and have shed H1818 blood.
  4 H3068 But the Lord H430 God H3478 of Israel H977 chose H1004 me before all the house H1 of my father H4428 to be king H3478 over Israel H5769 for ever: H977 for he has chosen H3063 Judah H5057 to be the ruler; H1004 and of the house H3063 of Judah, H1004 the house H1 of my father; H1121 and among the sons H1 of my father H7521 he liked H4427 me to make me king H3478 over all Israel:
  5 H1121 And of all my sons, H3068 (for the Lord H5414 has given H7227 me many H1121 sons,) H977 he has chosen H8010 Solomon H1121 my son H3427 to sit H3678 upon the throne H4438 of the kingdom H3068 of the Lord H3478 over Israel.
  6 H559 And he said H8010 unto me, Solomon H1121 your son, H1129 he shall build H1004 my house H2691 and my courts: H977 for I have chosen H1121 him to be my son, H1 and I will be his father.
  7 H3559 Moreover I will establish H4438 his kingdom H5769 for ever, H2388 if he be constant H6213 to do H4687 my commandments H4941 and my judgments, H3117 as at this day.
  8 H5869 Now therefore in the sight H3478 of all Israel H6951 the congregation H3068 of the Lord, H241 and in the audience H430 of our God, H8104 keep H1875 and seek H4687 for all the commandments H3068 of the Lord H430 your God: H3423 that you may possess H2896 this good H776 land, H5157 and leave it for an inheritance H1121 for your sons H310 after H5704 you for H5769 ever.
  9 H8010 And you, Solomon H1121 my son, H3045 know H430 you the God H1 of your father, H5647 and serve H8003 him with a perfect H3820 heart H2655 and with a willing H5315 mind: H3068 for the Lord H1875 searches H3824 all hearts, H995 and understands H3336 all the imaginations H4284 of the thoughts: H1875 if you seek H4672 him, he will be found H5800 of you; but if you forsake H2186 him, he will cast you off H5703 for ever.
  10 H7200 Take care H3068 now; for the Lord H977 has chosen H1129 you to build H1004 an house H4720 for the sanctuary: H2388 be strong, H6213 and do it.
  11 H1732 Then David H5414 gave H8010 to Solomon H1121 his son H8403 the pattern H197 of the porch, H1004 and of the houses H1597 there, and of the treasuries H5944 there, and of the upper chambers H6442 there, and of the inner H2315 parlours H1004 there, and of the place H3727 of the mercy seat,
  12 H8403 And the pattern H7307 of all that he had by the spirit, H2691 of the courts H1004 of the house H3068 of the Lord, H3957 and of all the chambers H5439 round about, H214 of the treasuries H1004 of the house H430 of God, H214 and of the treasuries H6944 of the dedicated things:
  13 H4256 Also for the courses H3548 of the priests H3881 and the Levites, H4399 and for all the work H5656 of the service H1004 of the house H3068 of the Lord, H3627 and for all the vessels H5656 of service H1004 in the house H3068 of the Lord.
  14 H2091 He gave of gold H4948 by weight H2091 for things of gold, H3627 for all instruments H5656 of all manner of service; H3627 silver also for all instruments H3701 of silver H4948 by weight, H3627 for all instruments H5656 of every kind of service:
  15 H4948 Even the weight H4501 for the candlesticks H2091 of gold, H5216 and for their lamps H2091 of gold, H4948 by weight H4501 for every lampstand, H5216 and for the lamps H4501 there: and for the candlesticks H3701 of silver H4948 by weight, H4501 both for the lampstand, H5216 and also for the lamps H5656 there, according to the use H4501 of every lampstand.
  16 H4948 And by weight H2091 he gave gold H7979 for the tablets H4635 of showbread, H7979 for every table; H3701 and likewise silver H7979 for the tablets H3701 of silver:
  17 H2889 Also pure H2091 gold H4207 for the fleshhooks, H4219 and the bowls, H7184 and the cups: H2091 and for the golden H3713 basins H4948 he gave gold by weight H3713 for every basin; H4948 and likewise silver by weight H3713 for every basin H3701 of silver:
  18 H4196 And for the altar H7004 of incense H2212 refined H2091 gold H4948 by weight; H2091 and gold H8403 for the pattern H4818 of the chariot H3742 of the cherubims, H6566 that spread out H5526 their wings, and covered H727 the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of the Lord.
  19 H3068 All this, said David, the Lord H7919 made me understand H3791 in writing H3027 by his hand H4399 upon me, even all the works H8403 of this pattern.
  20 H1732 And David H559 said H8010 to Solomon H1121 his son, H2388 Be strong H553 and of good courage, H6213 and do H3372 it: fear H2865 not, nor be dismayed: H3068 for the Lord H430 God, H430 even my God, H7503 will be with you; he will not fail H5800 you, nor forsake H3615 you, until you have finished H4399 all the work H5656 for the service H1004 of the house H3068 of the Lord.
  21 H4256 And, behold, the courses H3548 of the priests H3881 and the Levites, H5656 even they shall be with you for all the service H1004 of the house H430 of God: H4399 and there shall be with you for all manner of workmanship H5081 every willing H2451 skillful man, H5656 for any manner of service: H8269 also the princes H5971 and all the people H1697 will be wholly at your commandment.