Proverbs 8:22-30

CLV(i) 22 Yahweh Himself acquired me as the beginning of His way; Preceeding His deeds of yore. 23 From the eon was I inaugurated, From the beginning, preceeding the earth;" 24 When there were no abysses I was travailed, When there were no springs teeming with water." 25 Ere the mountains were sunk in place, Before the hills, I was travailed, 26 When He had not yet made the earth and its open places, Or the beginnings of soil for the habitance." 27 When He established the heavens I was there, When He delineated the horizon on the face of the abyss, 28 When He made the sky clouds firm above, When He set the springs of the abyss with strength, 29 When He established for the sea its statutory limit, So that the waters may not pass beyond His bidding, When He delineated the foundations of the earth." 30 Then I was beside Him as His foster child, And I was filled with bliss day by day, Gamboling before Him all the time,