Amos 4

CLV(i) 1 Hear this word, young cows of Bashan, which are in the mountain of Samaria, the ones extorting the poor, the ones bruising the needy, the ones saying to their lords, Bring, and let us drink." 2 My Lord Yahweh swears by His holiness, that, Behold days shall come on you, when they will assist you away with targes, and the hindmost of you with briars of fishing." 3 And at the breaches shall you fare forth, each woman straight in front of her, and you shall be flung toward the highland, (averring is Yahweh Elohim)." 4 Come to Bethel and transgress! At Gilgal increase the transgression! And bring your sacrifices for the morning, and your tithes for three days!" 5 And fume incense with leaven as acclamation, and proclaim the voluntary vows! Announce it, for so you love, sons of Israel, (averring is my Lord Yahweh)." 6 And, moreover, I give you teeth innocent of food in all your cities, and lack of bread in all your places. Yet you do not return unto Me, (averring is Yahweh)." 7 And, moreover, I withhold from you the downpour, while still three months to harvest, and I cause rain on one city, and on another city I am not causing rain; one portion was rained upon, and the portion upon which I am not causing rain is drying up." 8 And two or three cities rove to one city to drink water, yet they are not satisfied. Yet you do not return unto Me, (averring is Yahweh)." 9 I smite you with blasting and with green mold. The increase of your gardens and your vineyards and your figs and your olives, the larva of the locust is devouring. Yet you do not return unto Me, (averring is Yahweh)." 10 I send among you a plague in the way as in Egypt. I kill your chosen men by the sword, with the captivity of your horses, and I am making the stink of your camp ascend even in your nose. Yet you do not return unto Me, (averring is Yahweh)." 11 I overturn among you as Elohim overturned Sodom and Gomorrah, and you are becoming as a wooden poker rescued from the burning. Yet you do not return unto Me, (averring is Yahweh)." 12 Wherefore, thus will I do to you, Israel! Inasmuch that this I will do to you, prepare to meet your Elohim, O Israel!" 13 For, behold the One forming the mountains, and creating the wind, and telling to humanity of His Anointed One, making the dawn and murkiness, and treading on the fane heights of the land--Yahweh, Elohim of hosts, is His name!"