Amos 4

  1 H8085 Hear H2088 this H1697 word, H6510 you cows H1316 of Bashan, H2022 that are in the mountain H8111 of Samaria, H6231 which oppress H1800 the poor, H7533 which crush H34 the needy, H559 which say H113 to their masters, H935 Bring, H8354 and let us drink.
  2 H136 The Lord H3069 GOD H7650 has sworn H6944 by his holiness, H2009 that, see, H3117 the days H935 shall come H5375 on you, that he will take H6793 you away with hooks, H319 and your posterity H5518 with fishhooks H1729 .
  3 H3318 And you shall go H6556 out at the breaches, H802 every H5048 cow at that which is before H7993 her; and you shall cast H2038 them into the palace, H5001 said H3068 the LORD.
  4 H935 Come H1008 to Bethel, H6586 and transgress; H1537 at Gilgal H7235 multiply H6586 transgression; H935 and bring H2077 your sacrifices H1242 every morning, H4643 and your tithes H7969 after three H3117 years:
  5 H6999 And offer H8426 a sacrifice of thanksgiving H2557 with leaven, H7121 and proclaim H8085 and publish H5071 the free H3651 offerings: for this H157 likes H1121 you, O you children H3478 of Israel, H5001 said H136 the Lord H3069 GOD.
  6 H1571 And I also H5414 have given H5356 you cleanness H8127 of teeth H3605 in all H5892 your cities, H2640 and want H3899 of bread H3605 in all H4725 your places: H7725 yet have you not returned H5001 to me, said H3068 the LORD.
  7 H1571 And also H4513 I have withheld H1653 the rain H5750 from you, when there were yet H7969 three H2320 months H7105 to the harvest: H4305 and I caused it to rain H259 on one H5892 city, H4305 and caused it not to rain H259 on another H5892 city: H259 one H4305 piece was rained H834 on, and the piece whereupon H5921 H4305 it rained H3001 not withered.
  8 H8147 So two H7969 or three H5892 cities H5128 wandered H259 to one H5892 city, H8354 to drink H4325 water; H7646 but they were not satisfied: H7725 yet have you not returned H5001 to me, said H3068 the LORD.
  9 H5221 I have smitten H7711 you with blasting H3420 and mildew: H1593 when your gardens H3754 and your vineyards H8384 and your fig H2132 trees and your olive H7235 trees increased, H1501 the palmerworm H398 devoured H7725 them: yet have you not returned H5001 to me, said H3068 the LORD.
  10 H7971 I have sent H1698 among you the pestilence H1870 after the manner H4714 of Egypt: H970 your young H2026 men have I slain H2719 with the sword, H7628 and have taken H7628 away H5483 your horses; H889 and I have made the stink H4264 of your camps H5927 to come H639 up to your nostrils: H7725 yet have you not returned H5001 to me, said H3068 the LORD.
  11 H2015 I have overthrown H430 some of you, as God H4114 overthrew H5467 Sodom H6017 and Gomorrah, H181 and you were as a firebrand H5337 plucked H8316 out of the burning: H7725 yet have you not returned H5001 to me, said H3068 the LORD.
  12 H3651 Therefore H3541 thus H6213 will I do H3478 to you, O Israel: H6118 and because H3588 H6213 I will do H2063 this H3559 to you, prepare H7125 to meet H430 your God, H3478 O Israel.
  13 H2009 For, see, H3335 he that forms H2022 the mountains, H1254 and creates H7307 the wind, H5046 and declares H120 to man H4100 what H7808 is his thought, H6213 that makes H7837 the morning H5890 darkness, H1869 and treads H1116 on the high H776 places of the earth, H3068 The LORD, H430 The God H6635 of hosts, H8034 is his name.