1 Samuel 20:24-42

CLV(i) 24 And David is hidden in the field, and it is the new moon, and the king sits down by the food to eat, 25 and the king sits on his seat, as time by time, on a seat by the wall, and Jonathan rises, and Abner sits at the side of Saul, and David's place is looked after. 26 And Saul has not spoken anything on that day, for he said, `It [is] an accident; he is not clean--surely not clean.. 27 And it comes to pass on the second morrow of the new moon, that David's place is looked after, and Saul said unto Jonathan his son, `Wherefore has the son of Jesse not come in, either yesterday or to-day, unto the food?. 28 And Jonathan answers Saul, `David has been earnestly asked of me unto Beth-Lehem, 29 and he said, Send me away, I pray you, for a family sacrifice we have in the city, and my brother himself has given command to me, and now, if I have found grace in your eyes, let me go away, I pray you, and see my brethren; therefore he has not come unto the table of the king.. 30 And the anger of Saul burns against Jonathan, and he said to him, `Son of a perverse rebellious woman! have I not known that you are fixing on the son of Jesse to your shame, and to the shame of the nakedness of your mother? 31 for all the days that the son of Jesse lives on the ground you are not established, you and your kingdom; and now, send and bring him unto me, for he [is] a son of death.. 32 And Jonathan answers Saul his father, and said unto him, `Why is he put to death? what has he done?. 33 And Saul casts the javelin at him to smite him, and Jonathan knows that it has been determined by his father to put David to death. 34 And Jonathan rises from the table in the heat of anger, and has not eaten food on the second day of the new moon, for he has been grieved for David, for his father put him to shame. 35 And it comes to pass in the morning, that Jonathan goes out into the field for the appointment with David, and a little youth [is] with him. 36 And he said to his youth, `Run, find, I pray you, the arrows which I am shooting;' the youth is running, and he has shot the arrow, causing [it] to pass over him. 37 And the youth comes unto the place of the arrow which Jonathan has shot, and Jonathan calls after the youth, and said, `Is not the arrow beyond you?. 38 and Jonathan calls after the youth, `Speed, haste, stand not;' and Jonathan's youth gathers the arrows, and comes unto his lord. 39 And the youth has not known anything, only Jonathan and David knew the word. 40 And Jonathan gives his weapons unto the youth whom he has, and said to him, `Go, carry into the city.. 41 The youth has gone, and David has risen from Ezel, at the south, and falls on his face to the earth, and bows himself three times, and they kiss one another, and they weep one with another, till David exerted himself;" 42 and Jonathan said to David, `Go in peace, in that we have sworn--we two--in the name of Yahweh, saying, Yahweh is between me and you, and between my seed and your seed--unto the eon;' and he rises and goes; and Jonathan has gone in to the city.