1 Samuel 20:24-42

  24 H1732 So David H5641 hid H7704 himself in the field: H2320 and when the new moon H4428 was come, the king H3427 sat him down H398 to eat H3899 food.
  25 H4428 And the king H3427 sat H4186 upon his seat, H6471 as at other times, H4186 even upon a seat H7023 by the wall: H3083 and Jonathan H6965 arose, H74 and Abner H3427 sat H7586 by Saul's H6654 side, H1732 and David's H4725 place H6485 was empty.
  26 H7586 Nevertheless Saul H1696 spoke H3972 not any thing H3117 that day: H559 for he thought, H4745 Something has happened H1115 him, he is not H2889 clean; H2889 surely he is not clean.
  27 H4283 And it came to pass on the morrow, H8145 which was the second H2320 day of the month, H1732 that David's H4725 place H6485 was empty: H7586 and Saul H559 said H3083 unto Jonathan H1121 his son, H935 Therefore comes H1121 not the son H3448 of Jesse H3899 to food, H8543 neither yesterday, H3117 nor to day?
  28 H3083 And Jonathan H6030 answered H7586 Saul, H1732 David H7592 earnestly H7592 asked H5978 leave of me H1035 to go to Beth–lehem:
  29 H559 And he said, H7971 Let me go, H4940 I pray you; for our family H2077 has a sacrifice H5892 in the city; H251 and my brother, H6680 he has commanded H4672 me to be there: and now, if I have found H2580 favor H5869 in your eyes, H4422 let me get away, H7200 I pray you, and see H251 my brothers. H935 Therefore he comes H4428 not unto the king's H7979 table.
  30 H7586 Then Saul's H639 anger H2734 was kindled H3083 against Jonathan, H559 and he said H1121 unto him, You son H5753 of the perverse H4780 rebellious H3045 woman, do not I know H977 that you have chosen H1121 the son H3448 of Jesse H1322 to your own confusion, H1322 and unto the confusion H517 of your mother's H6172 nakedness?
  31 H3117 For as long as H1121 the son H3448 of Jesse H2425 lives H127 upon the ground, H3559 you shall not be established, H4438 nor your kingdom. H7971 Therefore now send H3947 and fetch H1121 him unto me, for he shall surely die.
  32 H3083 And Jonathan H6030 answered H7586 Saul H1 his father, H559 and said H4191 unto him, Therefore shall he be slain? H6213 what has he done?
  33 H7586 And Saul H2904 cast H2595 a javelin H5221 at him to strike H3083 him: by which Jonathan H3045 knew H3617 that it was determined H1 of his father H4191 to kill H1732 David.
  34 H3083 So Jonathan H6965 arose H7979 from the table H2750 in fierce H639 anger, H398 and did eat H3899 no food H8145 the second H3117 day H2320 of the month: H6087 for he was grieved H1732 for David, H1 because his father H3637 had done him shame.
  35 H1242 And it came to pass in the morning, H3083 that Jonathan H3318 went out H7704 into the field H4150 at the time appointed H1732 with David, H6996 and a little H5288 lad with him.
  36 H559 And he said H5288 unto his lad, H7323 Run, H4672 find out H2671 now the arrows H3384 which I shoot. H5288 And as the lad H7323 ran, H3384 he shot H2678 a arrow H5674 beyond him.
  37 H5288 And when the lad H935 was come H4725 to the place H2678 of the arrow H3083 which Jonathan H3384 had shot, H3083 Jonathan H7121 cried H310 after H5288 the lad, H559 and said, H2678 Is not the arrow H1973 beyond you?
  38 H3083 And Jonathan H7121 cried H310 after H5288 the lad, H4120 Make speed, H2363 haste, H5975 stay H3083 not. And Jonathan's H5288 lad H3950 gathered up H2671 the arrows, H935 and came H113 to his master.
  39 H5288 But the lad H3045 knew H3972 not any thing: H3083 only Jonathan H1732 and David H3045 knew H1697 the matter.
  40 H3083 And Jonathan H5414 gave H3627 his artillery H5288 unto his lad, H559 and said H3212 unto him, Go, H935 carry H5892 them to the city.
  41 H5288 And as soon as the lad H935 was gone, H1732 David H6965 arose H681 out of a place toward H5045 the south, H5307 and fell H639 on his face H776 to the ground, H7812 and bowed H7969 himself three H6471 times: H5401 and they kissed H376 one H7453 another, H1058 and wept H376 one H7453 with another, H1732 until David H1431 exceeded.
  42 H3083 And Jonathan H559 said H1732 to David, H3212 Go H7965 in peace, H7650 forasmuch as we have sworn H8147 both H8034 of us in the name H3068 of the Lord, H559 saying, H3068 The Lord H2233 be between me and you, and between my seed H2233 and your seed H5704 for H5769 ever. H6965 And he arose H3212 and departed: H3083 and Jonathan H935 went H5892 into the city.