1 Samuel 20:24-42

Great(i) 24 And so Dauid hyd him selfe in the felde. And when the newe mone was come, the kynge sat him downe to eate meate. 25 And the kynge sat him downe after the olde maner, in hys seate by the wall. And Ionathas arose and Abner sate by Sauls syde, & Dauids place was emptye. 26 Neuerthelesse, Saul sayde nothinge at all that daye. For he thought: some thynge hath chaunced him that he is not cleane. 27 But on the morowe which was the seconde daye of the newe mone, it happened that Dauids place was emptye agayne. And Saul sayde vnto Ionathas his sonne. Wherfore commeth not the sonne of Isai to meate, nether yesterdaye nor to daye? 28 And Ionathas answered vnto Saul. Dauid asked lycence of me, to go to Bethlehem, 29 for he sayde: let me go I praye the for oure kynred dothe holde an offerynge in the cytie, and my brother hath sent for me. And therfore yf I haue founde fauoure in thyne eyes, lett me go, and se my brethren. This is the cause, that he commeth not vnto the kynges table. 30 Then was Saul angrye with Ionathas, & sayde vnto him: Thou wycked rebell, do not I knowe, that thou hast chosen the sonne of Isai vnto thyne awne rebuke, & vnto the rebuke & shame of thy mother? 31 For as longe as the sonne of Isai lyueth vpon the erth, thou shalt not be stablished, nor yet thy kingdome, wherfore now sende and sett him vnto me, for he is the chylde of deeth. 32 And Ionathas answered vnto Saul his father, and sayde to him. Wherfore shulde he dye? what hath he done? 33 And Saul lyfte vp a speare to hyt him, wherby Ionathas wyst well, that it was vtterlye determined of his father; to sleye Dauid. 34 And so Ionathas arose from the table in a greate anger, & dyd eate no meat the seconde daye of the moneth, for he was sory for Dauid, because hys father had done him shame. 35 On the nexte morning, Ionathas went out into the felde, at the tyme apoynted with Dauid, & a lytle ladd with him. 36 And he sayde vnto his boye: runne & seke out myne arowes whych I shote. And as the boye ran he shot an arowe beyonde him. 37 And when the lad was come to the place whether Ionathas had shot the arowe, Ionathas cryed after the lad, and sayde: Is not the arowe beyonde the? 38 And Ionathas cried after the lad agayne: make spede, and stande not styll. And Ionathas lad geathered vp the arowes, & came to his master. 39 But the lad wist nothinge of the matter. Onely Ionathas and Dauid wist it. 40 And Ionathas gaue his weapons vnto the lad that was wyth him, & sayde vnto him: go & carye them to the towne. 41 And as sone as the lad was gone, Dauid arose out of a place that was towarde the south, and fell on hys face to the grounde, and worshypped thre tymes. And they kissed ether other, & wept together so longe, tyll Dauid exceaded in weping. 42 And Ionathas sayde to Dauid: go in peace. And the thynges which we haue sworne both of vs in the name of the Lorde, sayinge: the Lorde be betwene the & me, & betwene thy sede & myne, let them stonde for euer. And he arose, & departed. And Ionathas went into the towne.