Ezekiel 47:22

  22 G906 You shall cast G1473 it G1722 by G2819 lot G1473 to yourself, G2532 and G3588 to the G4339 foreigners G3588   G3939 sojourning G1722 in G3319 your midst, G1473   G3748 whomever G1080 engendered G5207 sons G1722 in G3319 your midst. G1473   G2532 And G1510.8.6 they will be G1473 yours G5613 as G849.1 native-born G1722 among G3588 the G5207 sons G3588   G* of Israel; G3326 with G1473 you G2068 they shall eat G1722 by G2817 inheritance G1722 in G3319 the midst G3588 of the G5443 tribes G3588   G* of Israel.