G4339 προσήλυτος - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

LSJ Gloss:
one that has arrived at
a proselyte
(lit: that has come to), a proselyte, that is a non-Jew, who has been circumcised and has adopted the Jews' religion.
an arriver from a foreign region, i.e. (specially), an acceder (convert) to Judaism ("proselyte")
Derivation: from the alternate of G4334;

KJV Usage: proselyte.

1) a newcomer
1a) a stranger, alien
2) a proselyte
2a) one who has come over from a Gentile religion to JudaismThe Rabbis distinguished two classes of proselytes, proselytes of righteousness, who received circumcision and bound themselves to keep the whole of the Mosaic law and to comply with all the requirements of Judaism, and proselytes of the gate, who dwelt among the Jews, and although uncircumcised observed certain specific laws, esp. the seven precepts of Noah, i.e. against the seven chief sins, idolatry, blasphemy against God, homicide, unchastity, theft or plundering, rebellion against rulers and the use of "flesh with the blood thereof".

From the alternate of G4334; an arriver from a foreign region, that is, (specifically) an acceder (convert) to Judaism (“proselyte”)

KJV Usage: proselyte.

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4 occurrences of G4339 προσήλυτος

Matthew 23:15
Acts 2:10
Acts 6:5
Acts 13:43

Corresponding Hebrew Words

proselutos H1616 ger