Ezekiel 2:6

  6 G2532 And G1473 you, G5207 O son G444 of man, G3361 should not G5399 be afraid G1473 of them, G3366 nor G1839 be startled G575 by G4383 their face, G1473   G1360 for G3943.1 they shall be heated, G2532 and G1997.1 shall rise up together G1909 against G1473 you G2945 round about. G2532 And G1722 [3in G3319 4 the midst G4651 5of scorpions G1473 1you G2730 2dwell]. G3588   G3056 [3their words G1473   G3361 1You should not G5399 2fear], G2532 and G575 before G4383 their face G1473   G3361 you should not be G1839 startled, G1360 for G3624 [2house G3893 1it is a rebellious]. G1510.2.3